Halloween is less than a month away and you know what that means - it's time to start costume hunting. If you're a keener (like me) you've probably had a couple ideas stirring around the past month or so, but now's a better time than ever to get buying your costumes before sizes and stock is gone! 

While we have a good idea at what costumes will be trending the most thanks to this year's dose of pop culture, Pinterest and the fashion search platform Lyst analyzed their search data to take a guess at what most popular costumes in Canada & the U.S. will be. 

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1. Wonder Woman 

This season's biggest blockbuster is sure to bring in some wonderful ladies in red. Channel your inner Gal Gadot in a tight & bright Wonder Woman get-up. 

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2. Belle from Beauty & The Beast 

Beauty & The Beast was one of the hottest Disney releases this year so it shouldn't surprise anyone that Belle is going to be one of this year's most popular costumes. Whether it's bookstore Belle or yellow-ballgown Belle, you should get to the costume shop ASAP. 

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3. Pennywise from IT 

If you dress up as this scary-ass clown, stay out of my lane. 

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4. Any version of Taylor Swift - dead or alive

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5. 2009 Taylor Swift with an interrupting Kanye 

Sparkling silver dress + curly blonde wig + douche shades + mic = glory. 

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6. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow 

Whether you go as one of these GOT darlings or pull off a couple costume, you're in for a killer Instagram with dragon & wolf emojis. 

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7. The cast of Stranger Things 

While the Eleven costume really dominated Halloween '16, a group cast costume will really take social media by storm and is super easy and affordable to recreate. 

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8. A giraffe

??? Really?? No, really. Apparently searches for “giraffe print” are up 27% since June & Pinterest pins of giraffe makeup and costumes 1,200% since last year. As a giraffe enthusiast, hell ya. I am so on board for this. 

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9. A Baywatch babe

Everyone can thank Zac Efron for the Baywatch reboot, as searches for red one-pieces are up 147% since last year. Honestly, if you're down to wear a bathing suit in this unpredictable weather, power to you. 

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10. A hippie 

While this costume definitely isn't new to the Halloween scene, stores are emptying out when it comes to flower crowns and wide rimmed glasses. “Hippie outfit” ideas are up 130% on Pinterest.

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11. A unicorn 

This costume has also had its time on social media - but don't think anyone's done with it. Seaches with the word “unicorn” are up 110% year-over-year on Pinterest and have gone up 130% on Lyst.

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12. A mermaid 

Mermaids have become somewhat of a Halloween staple that shows no sign of slowing down. Pinterest users saved over 1.4 million images of “mermaid leggings,” and Lyst users have searched 'mermaid' over 8 thousand times per month as of recent. 

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