Earlier this September, Snapchat made a big announcement about their newest endeavour, Spectacles.

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Over the past few years, the media giant has been working on the project in secret, alongside a start-up called Vergence Labs which they acquired.

The revolutionary product entails a pair of sunglasses that are equipped with high-definition cameras at the ends of the frame. If you're someone who is obsessed with the Snap, these glasses would certainly be worth your while. Here are a couple of important things you need to know about them:

Photo cred - cognitioner

1. Spectacles currently retail at $130 a pair.

They are currently being sold in pop-up vending machines across the United States. Find the nearest one to you with this interactive app.

2. It comes in three colours.

Black, coral and teal.

3. Its camera uses a 115-degree angle lens to record 10-second video clips.

Pictures cannot be taken; only video. A "rounded" view is intended to simulate the function of a human eye.

4. To record a video clip, the user presses a button at the top of the frames.

A circular array of lights by the camera's lens will then stay lit for the duration of the recording. Holding the button for two seconds will stop the recording. The user can also tap the button three times to record three 10-second videos in succession.

Photo cred - toodia

5. The Spectacles sync to your Snapchat app via Bluetooth connection.

You can connect the glasses to your Snapchat account by scanning a bar code in the app. The clips that are taken are sent to your Snapchat's Memories and from there they can be edited or distributed. The user can switch between portrait and landscape when viewing on the app.

6. The battery life allows for up to 16 minutes of video to be taken.

The Spectacles can be charged via cable into the glasses directly or through the glasses case, which comes with the product.

7. You can see what they look like on your face via the vending machines before you buy them.

Visit the Spectacles website for more details.

8. They are not waterproof.

Nor can they withstand extremely hot or cold temperatures.

Photo cred - johnnymartin

9. Your purchase will come with everything in the above photo.

So. Awesome.

 Here's a video of it in action:


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