The sad truth is that we're having less sex than our parents... when they were our age, chill.

A study found in the scholarly journal Archives of Sexual Behaviourstated that people born in the 1990s were two times less likely to be sexually active in comparison to the previous generation. In fact, 15% of adults ages 20-24 have had zero sexual partners since they turned 18, that number was only 6% for the generation before us.

Why? There could be a number of factors associated to why this number has increased over the years. For one, our maturation process is happening later. We are getting jobs, buying houses and getting married much later than our parents did.

Another possible reason for our lack of sexual interactions is our current state of "anti-socialness". We live more isolated lives with the emergence of social media, and obviously the Internet.  Norman Spack, a clinical professor of pediatrics at Harvard, stated that "People are not spending enough time alone together. There is another gorilla in the room: it's whatever is turned on electronically". So essentially, the more you turn on your laptop, the less you're turned on.

So what about dating apps and websites? They must have caused a spike in hook ups in our generation right? Not entirely: when using such apps your attraction is fairly superficial, meaning a large portion of the population is left out.

Whatever the cause of this recent decline of sexual acitivity, there's still time to change our ways, amirite? ;)

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