While we can all agree that Toronto is the best city in the world, there are plenty of reasons why one might leave for the summer. Plenty of students move downtown from September to April and move back home for the summer months, which can sometimes result in a mini-culture shock. A lot of things change when you leave the big city, and it makes you miss it so much more.

1. You Realize Full-Time Work Sucks

Being an actual adult with actual adult responsibilities at a 9-5 job is exhausting. All those naps you used to take during the school year are now just a faraway dream. It's true, not having hours of homework is awesome, but the real-life grind is tough too.

2. You Miss The Nightlife

Wherever your hometown might be, it’s most likely that bars and clubs are few and far between. Nights out in Toronto come with so many more choices and even though last call at 2am sucks, at least there are tons of people. And $3 drinks at bar 244. You can't beat that.

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3. You Get To Drive

Having the freedom to go wherever, whenever you want is a liberty that is scarce Toronto. Sure, you can drive downtown, but why bother? With expensive parking and so many pedestrians, you're better off using the TTC or walking. Outside the city? It's just you, your 4 wheels, and you're good to go.

4. You Eat Home Cooked Mea

No more Salad King every night for dinner or running to the 24 hour McDonalds AND you don’t have to worry about going grocery shopping or making food. It’s a weight off your shoulders and straight into your mouth. Thanks mom.

5. …But You Can’t Just Order Tons Of Food To Your House

At least not without someone judging you. You and your roommates had an understanding: if you bought three King Slice pizzas for yourself, it was because you had a tough day. Try explaining that to your parents that it’s just what adults do.

6. You Reunite With High School Friends

Or anyone in your hometown. Because there's so many people in Toronto, it can be easy to forget that not everyone goes to Ryerson/U of T/York/etc. Going home for the summer means you finally have the chance to see your other friends.

7. ... BUT You Miss Your Roommates

If you're lucky and live with your friends, it can be hard not to see them every day. Having roommates means never having to drink alone, and you really start to miss them when they're not around. And texting you about how much fun they're having drinking at Secret Beach.

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8. You Find It Weird Living With Your Parents Again

It can be hard to adjust to living back home with your parents after having freedom. You had gloriously forgotten that they were all up in your face all the time.

9. Your Pets Welcome You Home

If you weren't lucky enough to be able to have them with you in Toronto, being reunited with your furry friend is something we all look forward to. The moment you come through the doors, it’s like they know. Even if you went home a lot during the year and got to see your dog/cat/horse/turtle, it's nothing compared to the slobbery welcome you get when you come back.

10. You Start Counting Down The Days Till You Get To Go Back

It's the best city in the world for a reason. And even if it means the summer's ending, you're itching to go back to Toronto.

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