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I Tried Being A Toronto Instagram Model And Here's What Happened

It's not as hard as you think!

With the Internet around, things can spread like rapid fire. Well what about a career that could spread at the same speed thanks to our lovely little friend called social media? So I decided to try out what it's like living the life of a Toronto Instagram model for a day (or just a few hours). 

So how did this start exactly? Well it's quite simple, just create an Instagram account with a catchy blog name and handle. I decided to name mine @servinglooks_to because I knew the goal of my blog was to focus on fashion. Regardless, I knew I'd be serving up some model-esque looks so I decided to cut straight to the chase in my blog title. 

Via @servinglooks_to

Now content wise was the tricky part (Peep my highlight in the profile pic though). This is the part where I struggled because I haven't taken many pictures of myself in a while, so I decided to repost some old model-looking photos I had on my personal Instagram account. I started with one I actually hadn't posted on my account so it definitely looked like fresh content to anyone on Instagram. 

Via servinglooks_to

So here's this photo of me now. Sporting my Sunday best, Yeezys and all! But my face is covered, so my identity is still a secret at this point. Then I had the wild thought that 'why not show my face?" Maybe my face will get me more likes and followers! Or even better yet, I should test the modelling waters and show off that model beach bod. So I posted a cliché photo of me at Cherry Beach from last year, because I don't look like that anymore (RIP Beach Bod). 

Via servinglooks_to

So I agree, the caption is lame AF. But I'm a sucker for puns so I went with it anyways. Now even my unfit (but somewhat fit) body and use of too much filters wasn't enough to get me likes or followers. What was I doing wrong? Did I make another error in the Toronto Instagram model equation?

Luckily, there is one thing that is proven to get the most likes and followers, (by Instagram standards) which is the correct use of hashtags. On Instagram, hashtags should be your best friend, and you need to know how to use them properly. The best people to cite for proper use are your favourite bloggers! So I decided to copy and paste the hashtags used by one of my favourite Toronto bloggers. But even then, I only saw one follower and two likes under my first photo. 

So now it was time for trial and error, I had to change my hashtags. This time I changed it to a smaller set of hashtags used by another blogger, and I decided to post a new photo under this set of hashtags, a fvck girl mirror selfie of course! This photo was from a trip to the club back in November. 

Via servinglooks_to

And I was seeing results instantaneously! A minute after posting it I received five likes and another follower! Pretty nice to see some results finally, but I was nowhere near the goal of becoming a Toronto based Instagram model of having a thousand followers or more.

Via servinglooks_to

So what was I doing wrong exactly? I looked over at my blog again and realized how inconsistent it looked. Each of my photos were edited in different colour hues, and frankly, it was a bit of an eyesore. So I needed to create something that looked like it could be art! So in this final attempt, I wiped my page and started over. This time I decided to turn my posts into mood boards. I started with a row of yellow related pictures. 

Via servinglooks_to

Now it's poppin'! In the span of just an hour, and many changes later, I was finally receiving a steady flow of likes and followers on my "Instagram Model" page. But I forgot one important thing along the way... THE WORD MODEL WAS NOT IN MY BIO! 

Via servinglooks_to

So after an hour's work, I finally put the word model in my bio, and I think I can breathe (I totally earned that title). And I also added another mood board just to give my page more content! So as you can see, being a Toronto based Instagram model can be quite hard work which requires you to pay lots of attention to detail and also includes a constant pain-in-the-butt change of hashtags.

Just like that, is how I became an Instagram "model", and now you can do the exact same thing! Just don't expect to get a thousand followers instantaneously like I did, or you will be highly disappointed. Here's to the start of a great modelling career!

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