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I have to wonder what it is about yourself that makes you so comfortably sure that you are more special than the bajillion other TTC riders, the ones with headphones on or earbuds in. Other riders also enjoy a little morning/evening commute soundtrack but unlike you, they aren't fucking assholes. There is absolutely zero reason to do this, ever.

Do you think that you are doing the rest of the TTC a favour by playing your obnoxious music loudly for all to hear? I am willing to bet top dollar that my grandmother doesn't want to hear "Bitch, who do you love!?!?" blaring from your iPhone and that my friend doesn't want her toddler hearing "Bitch I don't give a fuck about you or anything that you do." coming from the Bose speaker you got for christmas.

This doesn't mean that profanity is the only problem with playing your music out loud, Oh  no, it is simply the overall douchey-ness of it. What makes you so special that you are the DJ of Toronto's commute? Your music tastes are not superior to those of the rest of us, in fact, they are often horrific. There is a special place in hell for you and your music. Don't you get even slightly embarrassed or uncomfortable when, on a somewhat quiet, subway or streetcar your music starts blaring and everyone gives you a luck of utter 'WTF'?

Isn't it bad enough that subways and streetcars are often packed to the brim without the added discomfort of your stupid music? Let me answer that question for you, yes, yes it is. So do all commuters a favour and buy a pair of fucking earbuds or turn in your metropass, stat.


I will hate you until you stop doing this, forever

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