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Out of curiosity, how long have you lived in this city? are you new here? Scratch that- I know you aren't new here because of the minor detail that we grew up together a mere subway ride away, so I guess my next question is why the fuck are you so hell bent on snapping a picture with or of the CN tower every single time we come even remotely within shooting distance of the thing?

One artsy Instagram photo was enough to last for at least 12 years. I don't get it, are we not supposed to take pictures of things/moments that are memorable keepsakes of sorts? This is a massive fixture that we see every single day, it is kind of literally impossible to miss and last time I checked it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I do not need to look down at your Instagram account to see a filtered version of something that is in front of my face, to some degree, at least 90% of the day.

Photo cred - Farley's Boulevards

Not to mention, it kind of looks like a penis. Okay, a strangely shaped penis with an extra piece on the top but it's essentially a giant phallic symbol of a building. There are a billion beautiful things to photograph in this city, even other giant buildings that are just grey fixtures but still much more intriguing and photo worthy, for example the abandoned bank on Yonge Street, why does no one find that cool? Or what about the abundance of gorgeous street art plastered across our city?

Don't even get me started on Snapchatting the CN tower because that is on a whole other level of fucking unacceptable. This has literally no relevance, what is the point of sending me a photo that self destructs after 10 seconds of a building I see legitimately every single day. Let's save the snap chatting for things we don't see every day, like an extra nipple or a dog walking on it's own two legs down Yonge Street.

So let us all come together and pledge to make 2015 a year of much, much much less CN tower uploads to Instagram, TwitPic, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.


A concerned friend who needs you to not.

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