Three years ago on July 9, 2015, Toronto mourned the death of a raccoon that was found lifeless on the side of a busy downtown street.

When Animal Services failed to remove the body from the sidewalk, Torontonians came together and gave the raccoon a proper memorial in true Canadian fashion. They placed flowers, candles, signed notes and even a framed picture of a raccoon by its side as to not let it die in vain.

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And thus #DeadRaccoonTO was born —an internet sensation that took the world by storm. Not only did #DeadRaccoonTO demonstrate Toronto's special connection to raccoons, it also showed how incredibly extra Torontonians can be.

As the anniversary of #DeadRaccoonTO approaches, many people are taking to Twitter to remember the raccoon's legacy.

It may seem weird to others, but Torontonians and raccoons have always had a special relationship. In fact, Toronto was  named the 'Raccoon Capital of the World' due to its significant population of raccoons. Despite the fact that the furry critters can sometimes mess up our green bins and garbage bags, they will always remain an important part of our city and its character.

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