It's safe to say that every university has their stereotypical students. While there definitely are stereotypes that can fit most universities across the country, there are just as many that can only be found at specific schools or campuses. Whether it's students in a specific program or just the type of people a school attracts in general, every school has a different crowd you are bound to meet! So check out the 11 types of people you will most likely meet if you ever go to Laurier. 

1. The one who's in BBA.

You probably already know that though considering they've got it in all of their social media bios. 

2. The one who had to drop out of BBA.


3. One of the 569387593875 basic girls in the Comm program. 

Or they're trying to get a psychology degree. 

4. The one who's actually from Waterloo.

"Wait people actually live here when school's over?" 

5. The one who basically lives at Brixton. 

The weekly? More like the daily. 

6. The one who exclusively wears school merch.

I get that purple and yellow "gold"  are the school's colours but that colour combo needs to be restricted to school events only. 

7. The one who is way too determined to be featured on 'Spotted'.

And spends 90% of their time going through the Twitter feed to see if they finally were. 

8. The one who's obsessed with country music.

Dallas is a constant. 

9. The one who only ever wears their Laurier varsity jacket. 

Do you not get cold wearing only a windbreaker all Winter long? 

10. The one who lives off of spin dip. 

*Blows Onecard money solely on spinach dip just because you can.* 

11. One of the million guys wearing the Sperry/club master shade combo like their lives depend on it.  

Then proceed to try and battle the snow in Waterloo while still wearing said Sperrys.

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