Canada's job market is becoming more and more competitive with each passing year. It's come to a point where even a master's degree, which was once heralded as the gold standard, is sometimes not enough to distinguish oneself from the rest of the applicant pool.

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In comparison to times past, having a degree in this day and age no longer guarantees a competitive advantage to the owner. In a recent report by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, up to 15 per cent of Canadian university graduates are unemployed, and those that are employed are working a job that is unrelated to their undergraduate studies.

For those reconsidering their career paths, or are currently in the process of working towards one, here is a list of the top 8 jobs in Canada released by that offer the best chances for stability in 2017 and in the future:

1. Teacher

Median salary: $50,000 to $55,000 per year

Education requirements: Bachelor's degree in education

Although getting into teacher's college is challenging due to the high number of applicants, it's still worth it because teachers are always in demand. High school teachers are currently the most in demand across the country, particularly in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the Yukon.

2. Information security analyst

Median salary: $64,000 per year and up

Education requirements: Bachelor's or Master's degree in computer science

Information security analysts ensure that a company's networks and systems are secure from online threats. With the rise of technology, this career path is building momentum not only in Canada, but across the world as well.

3. Market research analyst

Median salary: $50,000 per year and up

Education requirements: Bachelor's degree in marketing or statistics

Market research offers relatively stable careers because companies are always seeking counsel on the constantly changing markets. Market research positions would suit individuals who have strong analytic and critical thinking skills.

4. Construction manager

Median salary: $85,000 per year and up

Education requirements: College diploma, Bachelor's degree or related apprenticeship in civil engineering, construction management

Construction jobs are typically high in demand because of the constant amount of urban projects in major cities. Most construction jobs do not require much formal education, but that could soon change as companies start to engage in more complex projects.

5. Lawyer

Median salary: $72,000 per year and up

Education requirements: Bachelor's degree in pre-law, first-level law degree and a pass on the bar exam

It takes a significant amount of education to become a lawyer, but it would be worth it for those who prioritize stability in a career. Currently, there is a decline in the amount of applicants to law school, so it may be a good time for those interested in this career path to apply.

6. Registered nurse

Median salary: $60,000 per year and up

Education requirements: Bachelor's degree in nursing

A common misconception is that there is always a surplus of registered nurses and a deficit of doctors; however, that's not always the case. In Canada, nursing schools have been seeing less enrolment lately. Still, being a nurse is one of the most rewarding jobs out there, and hospitals are always looking for talented staff.

7. Software developer

Median salary: $61,000 per year and up

Education requirements: Bachelor's degree in computer science

Software developer jobs are for individuals who crave to be part of the technological revolution. Those who enjoy being creative, designing things, and playing games would suit such positions.

8. Marketing manager

Median salary: $85,000 per year and up

Education requirements: Bachelor's degree in marketing, public relations or communications

Marketing managers never go out of style. Companies rely heavily on marketing managers to develop strategies based on current market trends to help them grow and prosper.

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