It's hard to believe that before this blessed month of Septbender was upon us, we were shaking hands at our chosen 9-5 working establishments. Can you guess from the list below which universities your co-workers attend?

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1. The “York”ville Intern

This intern takes the saying “dress to impress” to a whole new level. Forget about the average appropriate office wear, this intern goes all out to stand out…even if it means running a bit late to try on the new season Gucci. York students have a reputation for being more concerned with their looks than their grades, so it’s a sure-fire that if one of your co-workers was busy fixing up their appearance in the washroom instead of actually working… they’re from York.

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2. The Western's Ivey Wolf of Bay Street Intern

Cue Owen Wilson’s eccentric humming and chest thumping because the Wolf of Bay Street Intern has been rocking out to it since he woke up this morning & as he rode the Go to the sacred ground: BAY STREET.

Western produces keen and confident students at their elite business school, and chances are this intern has been waking up all year for 8am class…so there is no doubt that the Ivey intern has done their fair share of work before you’ve even gotten to the office.

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3.The Waterloo Over Time Junkie Intern

Waterloo has the reputation of being the Silicon Valley of Canada, and when these bad boys are let loose into the 6’ for the summer, their hardworking attitude follows. Most undergrad interns are quick to clock out after making it past their 8+ hour work days…most but not all.

Yes, there is one species called the Overtime Intern that craves extra hours more than a white girl craves a Cabana photo opportunity. Beware – they probably made you look bad at some point in time this summer.

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4. U of T "Name Dropper" Intern

Torontonians are ruthless for name-dropping their “buddy” Drake or any member of the OVO for that matter. In the business world, sometimes you have to name drop family friends in order to get on top. Comparably, U of T students mercilessly show off how successful their alumni are, as well as how cinematographically famous their campus is… sometimes name dropping random facts about their school FOR NO REASON AT ALL.

If you found yourself working with a fellow intern who conveniently finds ways to mention the random connections they have with impressive sounding people, they probably go to U of T and have a selfie in the field where Mean Girls was filmed.

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5. The Ryerson "Gossip Girl" Intern

Ryerson’s prime location downtown puts them in the core of the hustle and bustle of Toronto’s busiest district. With that being said, they know EVERYTHING about ANYTHING or ANYONE.

Suits sets have started popping up around Dundas Square? Please, the Ryerson Intern had already had that sh*t instagrammed since 8am this morning. Taking your lunch break with the Ryerson Intern allowed you to learn the ins and outs about your co-workers; which only kept you praying that there was a line at Burrito Boys so you could elongate the gossip sessions.

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6.The Queen’s of Snapchat Intern

Aside from engaging in rivalry with Western for top dog in Ontario schools, the second favourite thing Queen’s students love to do is show how awesome it is to be them. Whether that be through their strong school spirit, gorgeous campus or fun-loving partying ways; Snapchat has always helped them express just how cool it is to be them.

Their summer snaps included: “Huge F*cking Paper Pile”, “100 new e-mails”, a generic corporate business card (probably stolen from reception, let’s be real) and lunch-break selfies in front of the CN Tower/tall DT buildings with a grande Starbucks in hand. If you’re into living vicariously through other people’s work days, then the Snapchat Intern was the friend to follow.

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7. The McMaster Snore Intern

We all have that intern we worked with who just stayed out of the spotlight. Maybe it’s because they were isolated to the corner cubicle, or that they were too focussed on work to take a lunch break with the rest of the crew; but this intern was just straight up boring.

Much like McMaster’s cursed location of being isolated, they are hard workers and likely ended up making an impression with the big bosses this summer; just not necessarily an impression with their fellow co-workers.

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8. Guelph Job-Shock Intern

Guelph is known for it’s unreal agricultural program; as such it also has a reputation for being a “farm” school. However, lots of Guelph students venture out to work in Toronto’s finest for the summer.

The Job Shock intern is usually very easy to identify considering they’ve never had a real office job before, let alone have had to wear business attire for longer than a few hours. They looked scared and usually went stir crazy after about 3 hours of realizing that they’re breaking a sweat over deadlines instead of a summer sport. Don’t get me wrong, the Guelph student was smart and did excel in any projects assigned to them, but nothing beats cracking a cold one after a day of beach volleyball back at school with your fellow Gryphons.

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9. The Laurier Sleep-Is-For-The-Weak Intern

The Laurier student was the intern you loved to hate. They somehow got away with working alongside you for 8 hours during the day, but still managed to have a social life after hours. Much to Laurier’s reputation of having an excuse to party every night of the week, there was no stopping this intern from using up their connections at EFS, even if it meant a brutal hangover the next day.

Did these match up to your summer experience? 

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