Yes, it's safe to say that Toronto has numerous amazing pizza joints, but you may have to go just past the cities borders to get the real deal.  Mickey's Pizza is located at 1900 Lakeshore Rd W., and is completely worth the trip out of the city.

For those of you who crave perfectly melted cheese, extra flavourful tomato sauce, and ultra fresh ingredients, it's probably about time you went to Mickey's.  At Mickey's you're able to order their signature 4 step pizza, which they fully explain on their website. This option pretty much lets you create the deep dish pizza of your dreams, and is a great feature for picky eaters that like to stray away from classic menu options.

They also offer a full menu that includes their classic pizzas, potato wedges, and fat and cheesy garlic bowls.  Their entire menu is catered towards comfort food and cheat day binging, which is definitely sounding pretty appealing right now.  They also do not skimp out on toppings, and have 25 different veggies, cheese and meats to choose from!

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If the raving reviews online, the drool-worthy Instagrams, and this article aren't reason enough for you to grab a slice (or 5) a Mickey's, then I don't know what is! Check some of the #pizzaporn photos below to really get your cravings going....


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