When we think of money making jobs, we tend to think of those in medicine, business, or analytics. That's all good and well, but if you're like me and only passed Grade 10 math by a mere 1%, it can seem like all of the high paying jobs are out of your reach due to the math proficiency that they require.

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Luckily, that's not necessarily the case anymore. According to research conducted by the Huffington Post and Business Insider, there are actually a ton of options for all those mathematically-challenged people out there. Here are the top high paying jobs that involve little to no math skills.

Humanities Professor

Median Salary: $100,439


Median Salary: $71,777


Median Salary: $69,634

Public Administration Director

Median Salary: $101,920

Health & Community Service Manager

Median Salary: $104,451

Police Officer

Median Salary: $74,8884

Sonographer / Ultrasound Technician

Median Salary: $60,678

Information Security Analyst

Median Salary: $62,839

Police Detective

Median Salary: $81,447

Court Reporter

Median Salary: $60,000


Median Salary: $84,489

Technical Writer

Median Salary: $67,900

Director (Stage, Film, TV, Radio)

Median Salary: $69,480

Nursery and Greenhouse Manager

Median Salary: $70,110


Median Salary: $72,870


Median Salary: $72,870

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