There are many individuals with careers that are highly underpaid in Canada. The saddest part I would say, is  after thousands of dollars in loans, people don't make enough money for the amount that they've spent on their education.

It's important to find a job that you have a passion for, regardless whether it pays well or not. A high paying job doesn't nessisarily mean it will bring you happiness. Then, there are those who make on average 30K a year and they come to work everyday with a smile on their face because they love their job.

For your information and to recognize individuals that choose these careers paths because they truly love what they do, (even though they are significantly underpaid) here's a list of the lowest paying jobs in Canada based on post secondary degrees:

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1. Early Childhood Education // $24,788 - C$45,470

According to PayScale Canada, a person on average with an early childhood education degree will make $15.49 an hour.  Ontario Colleges states that individuals with a profession in this field will make from $27,000 per year on the low end and $33,000 per year on the high end after 20 years of experience.

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2. Horticulture // $15,000 - $45,000

Common jobs with horticulture degrees include horticulturist technicians, landscape designers and landscape manager that on average will make $25,940 per year, which is 45 per cent lower than the nationwide average salary.

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3. Culinary Arts & Food Service Management // $38,974 - $45,639

Depending on the position you obtain within this field, on average an individual with a culinary arts & food service degree,  according to PayScale Canada  will make $13.76 an hour. Common jobs include executive chefs, line cooks and food service directors.

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4. Biblical Studies // $25,689 - $66,600 

A pastor on average will make $49,022 annually. After 10 years of experience, a their salary may increase, but there is no room for financial growth after that.


5. Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts // $29,981 - $66,485 

An individuals pay with a BA in Fine Arts will vary based on their job. For example, an administrative assistant on average will make $14.74 per hour, where as a intern architect can make up to $33.27 per hour.  The salary for this degree is highly dependent upon your position within a company and experience.

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6. Human Services // $31,366 - $75,839

People with human service degrees often end up working as social workers or coordinators of a non profit organization. The average salary for a social worker in Canada is $49,664, with the highest paying jobs being associated with patient counselors and facilitators.

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7. Special Education // $26,627 - $77,090

 Special education teachers are significantly under payed for their amazing performance with children. On average they will only receive $46,419 per year. People can potentially receive an increase after 20 years of experience, and still it does not make up for their hard work.

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