Toronto's real estate market has been on a merciless rise in the past couple of months. Just this past June, the average price of a home in Toronto increased by a staggering 17% in comparison to the year prior. With an increasing demand for housing and a shortage of supply, buyers are faced with an uphill battle towards becoming full-fledged home owners.

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But this hasn't discouraged them from continuing their search. In fact, they're probably hungrier than ever - so much so that they're willing to put aside their must-have lists and consider every option available.

Some have even resorted to prioritizing affordability over everything else. To these individuals, anything with a low price is a valid option for purchase; even if the property doesn't necessarily deliver in other important areas. It's turned into a "buy now, worry later" type of situation.

Just to clarify, in terms of affordability, we refer to locations that have comparatively lower average home prices or monthly rent rates than other areas (such is not to be confused with cost of living). Parameters such as investment potential, demographics, crime, transit and amenities were not factored into the selection process.

For a more cultural perspective on the Toronto neighbourhoods, check out our article on The Best Neighbourhoods To Live In In The 6ix, written by Wyatt; one of our realtor contributors.

Here are the most affordable places to live in Toronto:

(Note: Prices are based on figures from 2015 or within the past year.)


Flemingdon Park

Average home price: $262,258

Weston-Pellam Park

Average home price: $533,700


Average home price: $585,736


Average home price: $627,800

Photo cred - theredpin

Highland Creek

Average home price: $654,827

Centennial (Scarborough)

Average home price: $675,161


Average home price: $684,900

Danforth Village

Average home price: $698,200

East York

Average home price: $723,500

Photo cred - thehousefly

South Riverdale

Average home price: $729,000


Regent Park

Average rent: $631+/month

Hillcrest Village

Average rent: $677+/month

West Hill

Average rent: $686+/month


Average rent: $730+/month

Photo cred - rentseeker


Average rent: $740+/month

Davenport Village

Average rent: $1000+/month

Corso Italia

Average rent: $1200+/month

Upper Leslieville

Average rent: $1200+/month

Sources: MoneySense, Toronto Life

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