You've picked out the perfect ring, thought of the ideal way to ask your partner to marry you, and have a friend on standby to take photos of the magical moment, but you have no clue where you actually want to be when you pop the question. This is a moment that will live on in your memories forever and you don't want to be standing next to a Tim Horton's when you do it. You also don't want to choose a typical spot where you may run into someone doing the exact same thing as you. Your relationship is special, you should try to make your proposal equally so.

We've come up with a unique list of locations, that are guaranteed to set the mood and ensure that your lover gives a resounding "yes" when asked if they'd like to be together forever! However we take no responsibility if they do say no, laugh for the wrong reasons, or simply walk away. Enjoy!

1. Sculpture Garden on King East

The sculpture garden is essentially a green parkette, that features modern art pieces sprinkled around the area. The whole space feels very Parisian, and sets up a wonderful stage for you to pop the question.  You'll probably be famished after the days of anxiety leading up to the proposal, so you can have your first meal as an engaged couple at La Marquette, which is the French restaurant that's conveniently located right across the street.

2. Gibraltor Point Lighthouse

Walking along the sandy beaches of the island with your S.O.  is romantic enough to make you fall in love all over again. The breeze from the lake blowing through their hair, the feeling of being removed from the crowds on the Mainland, and the Gibraltor Point Lighthouse standing in the distance. This is the ideal alternative if you don't have the cash to pop the question at a tropical locale. When you look back, you'll remember the day as having been somewhere far, far away, just the two of you and the sun setting on the blue lake *sigh.

3. St. James Cemetery

Admittedly, this one is for people seeking something a little more...alternative.  St James cemetery is old, and while they still bury people here, you can find a section with graves that date back to the early 1900s. Try to scout out your favourite beforehand - there are opulent crypts and graves with beautiful engravings and large sculptures on top of them, which can make for a beautiful background to propose.

Photo cred - Skyscapercity

4. The Gardens at Casa Loma

The castle sees a lot of engagement photos and weddings, but actual engagements are less frequent. It really does provide the perfect backdrop to make you and your S.O. feel like a prince or princess, or at the very least dukes and duchesses.

5. U of T St. George Campus

Is your boyfriend/girlfriend a Mean Girls fan? What about Harry Potter? This famed university has been the shooting location for some of the most iconic films shown on the big screen. It also just looks like  Hogwarts. You can pick almost any spot on the large campus and be blown away by how beautiful it is.

6. High Park in Cherry Blossom Season

High Park is one of the city's best green spaces. It's especially beautiful when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Take advantage of the late spring season when these gorgeous trees are full of aromatic lilac, but try to not go on a weekend or in the evenings when it's super busy. Instead, go in the early morning when it's mostly joggers or later at night when the blossoms provide an ethereal backdrop to your passionate declaration of love.

7. Trinity Bellwoods Park

It's not just for after work beers anymore. Trinity Bellwoods is where you may meet the love of your life, get engaged ,and even hold your wedding. It's in one of the city's most beautiful neighbourhoods and sees more laughter than all the parks in Toronto combined. What could be a better place to make a commitment of a lifetime?

8. While doing the C.N. Tower Edge Walk

If you're a true thrill seeker and you want something that you'll really remember (because it'll probably make the national news after going viral on Reddit), this will be it. Bar none, literally, there's no bar holding you back, you're putting all your faith in a bungee cord and a diamond rin. Good luck you lovelorn dare devils.

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