It's a decision everyone has to face, whether to stay close to home or move away for university. If you live in Toronto there are a few options around the city. Or you could choose to go somewhere that's far enough away but not too far like Western, Queens, MAC, Carleton or Laurier.

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When you stay home for university you either commute or choose the expensive route and live downtown where all the action is. At any university there are pros and cons; we've put together the benefits and the struggles every student in Toronto has to deal with going to a university in the city.


Great for connections.

Being in such a big city, you are surrounded by so many professionals and well established businesses. This is great for internships and job opportunities because it's all here!

You aren't stuck in a bubble.

Universities in small towns tend to forget about the rest of the world when they're living in their own bubbles. When you're in the city, there is no bubble, just the real world.

More independence.

When you moved out to go to school you basically just moved out. Living/being downtown makes you grow up very quickly. There's no one to baby you or really guide you. When you go away for school your parents are constantly worried about you and still help you out a lot. You have more independence in the city for sure.

There are way yummy options to fill your tummy.

While every city/town has great spots to eat at, Toronto has a billion. At every corner you can explore a new restaurant and/or different cuisines.

You can go to more than 2 bars for 4 years.

Well there's Ceeps at Western, Trappers at Guelph, Brixton at Laurier OR there's about 30 bars to choose from on any given street any day of the week in Toronto? You choose.

The hustle and bustle of the city.

The energy downtown is unreal! There's nothing like walking through the high rises to get some motivation.

Easy to go back and forth from home.

You have your independence downtown but you also have the GO train and Subway station close by i.e. you can hop home to get a home cooked meal VERY fast.

Walking past movie sets on the way to school.

There's always something going on downtown. Run into a few directors or maybe Harvey Specter and Mike from Suits on your way to PSYCH 3100.


TTC not included in tuition.

Unlike every other university, you don't line up to get a bus pass that has already been paid for through your tuition. Nope, that's an additional cost coming out of your pocket.

It's more difficult to meet people or date people because so many students commute.

In a university bubble, it's easy to meet other students either to make friends or to pursue a little romance. In the city, everyone comes from different places. Due to the face that a lot of people commute, it's hard to meet people.

You didn't get the residence experience. ouldn't get into res because we live to close to Toronto.

Because most people live close enough to downtown to commute, unless you live far far away, you have a very small chance of getting into residence. Hence why that "res experience" is out the door for you.

Rent is more expensive.

Ahhhh Toronto housing, why you gotta be so mean? It's next to impossible for students to afford rent in the city. Most choose a very very small apartment to live in whereas other university students live in houses with 6 other people and pay a fraction of the cost.

Universities downtown don't really have a sense of community.

Unlike small town universities, because schools downtown are right in the midst of the city, there's no real connection. Campuses are broken up with other buildings/businesses and that feeling is lost.

Getting groceries is a mission.

Cars are not popular downtown. All you've got is your two arms and some plastic bags and you better hope they don't break on your way home from the grocery store.

Forefoot a whole university experience

When you choose to stay in the city, you choose to get a different experience entirely. Not to say one is better than the other, they're just different.

No homecoming for you.

That Saturday at the end of September/early October is the Saturday you regret staying in the city every. single. year. You just want to be #loco4hoco too :(

Any university experience is a great one! Every school offers a unique adventure for your post-secondary education. Wherever you are, make the best of it!

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