New year, new list - recently released a ranking of The Highest Paying In-Demand Jobs in Canada for 2017, and a total of 20 professions were featured.

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According to them, post-secondary degrees aren't necessarily required to land some of the jobs on the list; however, like any career, having the right skills is still essential.

Below are the highest paying, in-demand jobs in Canada for 2017, in no particular order. All of the jobs offer opportunities for salary growth beyond $50,000. Average salary ranges may vary depending on the source:

Trade workers

Average salary range: $30,000 to $100,000

Trade workers are currently in demand as many manufacturers in Canada are experiencing labour shortages. With most of their workers nearing retirement, many opportunities are becoming available to younger individuals, especially in trades like welding, assembly, industrial painting and mechanics.

Office managers

Average salary range: $35,000 to $68,000

Office managers and administrative assistants will always be in demand as companies rely on them for several important practices, including accounting, payroll and accounts administration.

Hydropower experts

Average salary range: $47,000 to $102,000

Hydropower experts are sought after in Canada, which is known to be a world leader in hydropower and clean energy. Within the next few years, more jobs are expected to become available in those industries, and could include everything from engineers and hydrogeologists to environmental scientists and biologists.

Tourism and hospitality workers

Average salary range: $48,000 to $94,000

Tourism and hospitality workers take up many roles, from commissioning tourism information to providing a variety of services to the public. With Canada's current tourism boom, many entry- to mid-level jobs are becoming plentiful.

Tourism and hospitality professionals

Average salary range: $48,000 to $94,000

Tourism and hospitality professionals are characterized by a greater focus on management on larger-scale operations. These can include professions such as head chefs and food service managers.


Average salary range: $49,000 to $126,000

Lawyers have dwindled in number over the past few years due to a decreasing interest, so demand for them in Canada is rapidly increasing. Criminal defence and corporate lawyers are popular options in this field.

Financial analysts

Average salary range: $43,000 to $75,000

Financial analysts will see opportunities grow in multiple Canadian cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa an Montreal. Such locations have strong business sectors and a demand for talented individuals who can interpret trends.


Average salary range: $42,000 to $102,000

Accountants are a leading profession in terms of those that are in-demand in Canada. With an expected recovery of the oil and gas industry in 2017, many opportunities will become available to accountants this year.


Average salary range: $37,000 to $79,000

Drivers play an essential role for many companies who need their goods transported across the country. They are also an important part of the transit system in metropolitan centres, and are becoming in demand as those systems undergo expansions.

Logistics workers and managers

Average salary range: $42,000 to $89,000

Logistics workers are individuals who organize the storage, transportation and delivery of goods across the country. These can include warehouse workers, forklift operators, order clerks, materials handlers and logistics managers. Most opportunities for these roles are concentrated in Central and Western Canada.


Average salary range: $56,000 to $139,000

Engineers currently in the workforce may see retirement within the next few years. One fifth of Canadian engineers are 55 or older, and so there is an increased demand in industries like construction, mining and automotive for young talent to take over the roles.

Education workers

Average salary range: $41,000 to $91,000

Education workers take on roles such as skilled teachers, counsellors, and service managers. With a diversity of roles within the industry, there are several opportunities and specializations available to pursue.

Marketing analysts

Average salary range: $39,000 to $68,000

Marketing analysts are constantly depended upon by businesses as market trends are always changing. Individuals who are good with numbers and data could enjoy this career path, and business centres like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are great places to start.

Information security analysts

Average salary range: $44,000 to $90,000

Information security analysts have tech-oriented responsibilities that involve the protection of data and the creation of solutions to prevent digital security breaches. This profession, as with all other tech-related jobs, fill up quickly due to an increased demand and the surplus of talent across the country.

HR recruiters

Average salary range: $32,000 to $56,000

HR recruitment is a popular career option among younger individuals. Labour shortages in several industries across Canada could explain for an increased demand for HR workers this year.

 Mental health and social services professionals

Average salary range: $34,000 to $72,000

Mental health and social services professionals are trending career options, especially with today's growing societal pressures and changing social landscape. The majority of these jobs are found in the public sector.

Registered nurses

Average salary range: $46,000 to $88,000

Registered nurses are currently a highly in-demand and popular profession. An increasing number of registered nurses today may make the competition for employment a little more difficult, however, the demand for them will always be there.

 Physicians and dentists

Average salary range: $61,000 to $312,000

Physicians and dentists will always be popular career paths. With many of today's professionals nearing retirement, many opportunities in these fields are rising.

Miners, oil and gas drillers

Average salary range: $48,000 to $104,000

Miners, oil and gas drillers could see increased opportunities this year due to an expected boom in their related industries. Most of these jobs are found in the prairie provinces, such as Alberta and Saskatchewan.

 Primary production managers

Average salary range: $41,000 to $98,000

Primary production managers see the most growth in Canada. According to the Canadian Occupational Projection System, production management jobs have a projected growth rate of 3.02% for 2011 to 2020, which is the highest in the country. Ontario and Quebec, the provinces with the most manufacturing output (70%), are great places to pursue these career paths.

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