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This New Japanese Convenience Store In Toronto Sells All Of Your Favourite Korean Skincare


Asian skincare has quickly become one of the hottest items in the beauty community and has stayed thriving throughout it's year long reign on the skincare sector of the beauty world. Whether it's eye patches, masks, moisturizer, cleanser you name it- there's a better asian alternative that will most likely change your skin for the better. 

While asian skincare is super cheap, it can be a hassle to get in Canada. You've either go to pay shipping fees and wait ages for everything to arrive, or go with Amazon and sometimes even that can be a hassle when you just want to go grab some at your local Sephora instead. Thankfully, a new Japanese convenience store has just made it a heck of a lot easier for asian skincare junkies to get their fix. 

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Sukoshi Mart recently opened in the city this month and has been getting a ton of attention considering they offer a ton of notable Japanese food items and twists on classic treats available in Japan such as Green Tea Kit Kats! Though they also have a ridiculously large range of masks from the most praised asian skincare brands, and lucky for us, they don't jack the prices!

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From Innisfree to the ridiculously popular MediHeal line of face masks, Sukoshi has scored some of the hottest face masks in the asian beauty community for you to pick up! Plus they offer them at a steal- you can grab 3 for $10 or 5 for $15 but let's be honest, you'll probably end up grabbing way more because who doesn't want to unwind with a face mask as often as possible?!

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Though they don't just stop at face masks- Sukoshi also offers tons of other asian beauty items for you to test and try out. From peel masks to moisturizers, cleansers and everything in between, it's clear Sukoshi Mart is establishing itself as Toronto's go to spot for asian skincare! 

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