For every mans, there is a ting. In Toronto, it's common to hear males refer to females as "tings" - a practice that evolved under the influence of the city's iconic slang.

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Surely, Toronto slang itself owes much of its existence to Jamaican patois, despite what Drake may have claimed in the past (sorry, "ting" did not originate from Toronto). It constitutes an important part of the city's cultural fabric, and as Fader put it so eloquently, the slang is:

...a testament to Toronto’s unique cultural diversity: the city’s population is about 50 percent foreign born, with immigrant communities from countries like Jamaica, the Philippines, India, and many others. To be influenced by Toronto, in other words, is to be influenced by cultures from all over the world.

Toronto mans often get dissed for their characteristic behaviours. But what about Toronto tings? Here are 30 hilarious tweets that attempt to describe the typical "Toronto ting":

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