Living in Canada can be quite expensive, especially if you reside in one of the country's major cities. While some studies show that general living expenses Canada are lower than most developed countries around the world, things like housing prices and car insurance are still relatively expensive in the country and can really add up.

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Expatistan recently released a report that indicated the cost of living for major cities across Canada using a Cost of Living Index:

Red markers indicate more expensive cities, while green markers show cheaper ones. The Cost of Living Index assigns a value to each city that can be compared to a reference point. In this case, the reference point is Prague, which holds a value of 100. If a city has a price index greater than 100, that means it is more expensive to live in that city than in Prauge. If a city has a price index less than 100, that means it is cheaper to live in that city than in Prague.

For example, Toronto, which has a price index of 188, would be 88% more expensive to live in than in Prague.

With that in mind,  here are the most expensive Canadian cities to live in for 2017:

To read the full report, visit

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