Toronto loves its sports. Even though not all of our teams are doing as well as we would hope (lookin' at you Leafs) it's still fun to experience the pure ecstasy of the game in person. And since summer is wriggling it's way back into our lives, it's time to put down the hockey stick and pick up the baseball bat.

That's right, the Jays are back in business! If you've never had the pleasure of experiencing a Jays game, take a look at this guide to acquaint yourself.

1. The Outfit

There is a constant push and pull on whether to look cute or comfy. You've gotta wear your Jays cap, that's not even a question. But do you opt for your brothers' over-sized world series shirt, which kinda makes you look like a blob? Or those white pants that make your butt look great BUT are in constant danger of getting beer spilled on them.

2. Travel With Your People

Nothing makes you more pumped for a game than riding the rocket with your blue clad crew. On game day the subway is alive with excited fans heading down early to watch batting practice.

3. Avoid The Scalpers

Seriously. Pull your hat down and walk away. Don't even acknowledge them, because if you do they'll never let you leave unscathed.

Photo cred - James G

4. Street Meat

Hot dogs and baseball: A match in the same realm as pb & j and chocolate and red wine. Lucky for us, Toronto street meat is the especially those vendors that hang around the Rogers Center.

5. Take Advantage Of Free Stuff

One of the best parts of going to a Jays game is the knowledge you'll leave with a bunch of free stuff. T-shirts, cowboy hats, water bottles, you get the gist. But the best freebee of all? The bobble heads of course. Who doesn't want to have a disproportionate Bautista figurine to brighten up their lives?

6. Beer And Nachos.

Yes I know you just had a hot dog, but c'mon. You're watching an American made sport. The least you can do is indulge in some true blue, USA style gluttony.

7. Go Crazy For The First Pitch

It probably won't be someone famous making that first throw, but it's fun all the same. Especially when they get a cute lil kid to make the pitch.

8. Become A Heckler

They're loud, passionate, and arguably participate in "the wave" with way too much enthusiasm, but we love them to pieces. Hell, don't deny it, you're probably guilty of heckling yourself. But don't be embarrassed about it, everyone is a hot mess at a Jays game.

Photo cred - Betsy30in30

9. Ignore The Scoreboard

Who has the time to keep up with all the innings and player info? I'm busy getting drunk over here.

10. Popcorn Armageddon

When you're in a stadium packed with thousands of people who are drunk and clumsy, you'd think someone would've thought to keep messy food away. But alas, that is not the case for the Rogers Center. It's rare I go to a Jays game and don't get popcorn spilled down my back.

11. Then If The Jays Win...

Prepare for the crazies to be let loose. You're probably going to experience the most rowdy subway ride home.

12. But If They Loose.

There will be a lot of grumbling on the commute home, but Jays fans are always hopeful that our boys will do better next time!

13. More Beer

Because beer.

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