Got a cool $17.7 million sitting cozily in your bank account? Ummmm, yeah, me neither... but you and I can always fantasize, right?! So, pretend you have millions upon millions in the bank right now and take a virtual tour with me into one of the most expensive properties up for grabs right now in Toronto.

Located in South Rosedale, this 12,000 square-foot property was built in 1857 and used to belong to George Geary, a former mayor of Toronto back in the 1920s-50s. The architecture and design truly is timeless and it's said to have amazing views. It has its own guest house and a garage house with 9 parking spaces, so both your guests and your small army of vehicles can experience true luxury accommodation.

Other fun additions include: a billiard room, private gym facility, personal theatre room, outdoor pool, basketball court, hockey rink, library, and a wine cellar/grotto. Yup, a wine grotto. That's a loooot of wine, people.

So, you down to purchase? Better yet, maybe they'll eventually put it up on AirBnb and then we can all pool our OSAP money together to blow on a one-night reservation of the high life.

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