Holidays are right around the corner and that means it's time to empty your wallets. Regardless whether your family and friends have been naughty or nice, buying holiday gifts during the season is inevitable.

According to polls set up by Ebates, Canadians plan to spend 86% more on goodies than last year (approximately $200.00 more.) If we resort to dollar signs, Canadians on average will dish out approximately $600.00, where as last year they spent around $402.00 on holiday shopping.

Here are some other cool stats regarding average spendings of Canadians during the holiday season: 

  • 59% prefer online shopping because they hate malls and it's more convenient.
  • 45% will shop on Black Friday, 43 % on Cyber Monday,  53% on Boxing Day.
  • 76% will be spent on clothing and accessories (vs 67% last year)
  • 61% on electronics (vs 55%)
  • 56% on book (vs 54%)
  • 53% on toys (vs 46%)
  •  52% on health and beauty (vs 43%)
  • 31% on sports gear (vs 21%)
  • over quarter of Canadians say their spouse is the hardest to shop for

This Ebates survey was conducted in October 2016, involving 1,000 Canadians. This sample size is accurate to within +/-3 percentage points, 19/20.

Have you begun your holiday shopping? Perhaps you should consider getting started ahead of time, because according to these stats, quarter of Canadians do tend to leave shopping till last minute.

Sources: Sicaweb, Ebates.

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