With Halloween just around the corner, the city is set on getting everyone into that eerie mood. And what better way is there do so by combining art, horror and film into one awesome exhibit?

You can find exactly that at The AGO in their latest exhibit by famed director Guillermo Del Toro titled "At Home With Monsters." The exhibit features features artefacts, books and sculptures from the Del Toro's creative haven known as the Bleak House.

via @lsdinua

The exhibit explores the director's fascination with monsters, and puts the concept of horror at the forefront of the art. You'll be able to see a seven foot tall sculpture of Frankenstein, as well as other life sized horrific creatures including ones from Del Toro's films like Pan Labyrinth, Hellboy II and The Devil's Backbone.

It also features weekly screenings from October 11th to November 24th of some of Del Toro's most popular films like Crimson Peak and Pacific Rim. The exhibit offers gallery goers a taste of the director's interesting passion for monsters and displaying them in ways they can both intrigue and terrify audiences. 

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The exhibit begins it's run on September 30th and runs into the first week of January. Tickets can be purchased on their website in specific time slots and admission is not included in general AGO admission. If you're looking for an artistic spooky treat this fall, then you need to check this one off your list!

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