If you like a party vibe while you enjoy your meal, you have to eat here. Hapa Izakaya located on College St. is an industrial chic restaurant. The Isobe family transforms traditional Japanese flavour by putting passion into their fun and cultured spin on Japanese cuisine. They are a strong and motivated family who are known for their hospitable nature.

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With a lovely decorated interior and absolute great location, Hapa has an overall impressive atmosphere. 10PM is when the party starts, AKA when the DJ arrives. Other than its amazing bar vibes, this restaurant has a wicked menu with lots of variety to choose from.

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One bite of their Japanese style poutine and your mouth will be EXPLODING with flavour. 

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Another highly recommended dish is their Karaage. The chicken is so tender and the batter is crispy, but not too hard to eat. The mayo it comes with gives every bite a nice kick.

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THIS THOUGH^ If you enjoy raw fish, you have to try this tuna. Seared to perfection, this dish is fresh and tastey.

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To witness your sushi being LIT UP, try Hapa's Firecracker sushi. The smell of this dish lingers throughout the whole venue when the waiter is torching your sushi. SO SO YUMMY!

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For great food and a lively environment, check out @hapaizakaya in Little Italy. 

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