A restaurant's menu is without a doubt it's most important feature. While its decor, ambiance and staff are still prevalent parts of a restaurants success, it is the menu and food that always take centre stage.

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Ruby Watchco totally knows that, and takes immense effort to make sure their menu is perfect and totally new...every.single.day. Yup, this is definitely the spot for anyone who gets tired of a menu pretty quick, or just tends to fall in a rut and order the same thing over and over again. The cozy Queen East restaurant serves a daily prix-fixed menu that changes daily, which may seem a little risky, but not if you're in great hands.

Chef Lynn Crawford (who you've no doubt seen on Top Chef, Chopped and a variety of other mouth-watering shows) is at the head of the whole operation. She emphasizes on using local, fresh ingredients that really bring out the flavours of the season in her family-style dining experience. Dinner features a salad course, a main with a variety of sides, a cheese course and as well as desert. It's all brought out in big dishes so everyone can serve themselves, just as a classic home-cooked meal.

The set menu practically like having Summerlicious available for you any day! Here's an example of one (their daily menus are available on their site): 

Photo cred- Ruby Watchco 

via @rubywatchco

via @rubywatchco

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