This Toronto Restaurant Serves The Most Amazing Nachos, But You Won’t Find It On The Menu

Shh, it's a secret.

One of Toronto's best kept secrets isn't a person or a place, but a nacho platter; one that you won't find on a menu at any restaurant in the city.

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They're called Gorilla Nachos, and they're served at The Citizen on King West. The 1930's-inspired restaurant and bar specializes in pub foods and hearty meals, from Power Bowl salads ($14) to a variety of chicken, steak and pasta options ($20 to $40).

What they don't have listed on their menu are Gorilla Nachos. To get your hands on a platter, you will have to ask one of the servers for it. Once they realize that you know their secret, they will bring you one.

What makes them so special, you ask? Well they offer a refreshing twist on the traditional nacho platter, being topped with chicharron, a special smoked cheese sauce, ham, bacon, braised short rib, and pico and sour cream:

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Just one bite will convert you into a nacho aficionado. Visit The Citizen and try their secret Gorilla Nachos today!


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