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It's officially holiday season. Sparkling lights and festive ornaments adorn the streets and store window displays. Holiday shoppers, students doing exams, and people awaiting the long Christmas weekend (yes folks, Christmas Day lands on a Thursday this year) hurriedly scuttle across sidewalks with their red Starbucks cups or ugly sweater Tim Hortons cups. Adorable couples seem to appear out of nowhere and be everywhere. Suddenly, you remember how much it sucks to be single during the holidays. You don't even want a relationship. It's like the holidays were made for people in relationships. Gosh dang it.

Seeing all the cute couples skating at Nathan Phillips Square

Parents with children. Couples, couples, and more couples. You can't help but feel empty as you traipse behind that happy, laughing couple holding hands.

No one to be your date to holiday events

Work dinners, family dinners, friend dinners, event dinners. You're allowed/encouraged to bring a date, but you don't have an immediate person you can count on. Your friends are all busy doing their own things. As always, you have to go alone.

No one to go to fun places with you

So many cool events are happening in December, and you want to attend all of them. Your friends are busy with their boyfriends/girlfriends or families, and you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend to take anywhere. No Toronto Christmas Market for you this year. Maybe next year.

Photo cred – Sandor Weisz

Third wheeling your friends

Stay CLEAR from third wheeling your PDA-obsessed friends in relationships. Friends who don't show PDA are great, but third wheeling them especially during the holidays still fucking sucks. Trailing behind them as they hold hands skating? Not cool. Watching them feed each other dessert while you sit there poking at your huge plate of crepes? Not cool. Trying to follow them around through the crowded Toronto Christmas Market? Not cool. Third wheeling during the holidays just isn't cool.

Staying in by yourself

None of your friends are down to go out or do anything because it's too cold outside and no one wants to leave their place. You're forced to stay at home and do nothing but aimlessly browse the internet. Maybe play Tetris or something.

It's almost impossible to look cute

Underneath that tuque, scarf, and puffy winter jacket, is a very cute person. The thing about the holidays and winter is that everything is covering you and no one can see how cute you are. How am I supposed to bump into the love of my life at a coffee shop when I am nothing more than a cold, puffy marshmallow?

Relatives asking the dreaded "do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?" question at holiday dinners

You haven't seen your relatives in awhile, and you're looking forward to having a nice family dinner and eating turkey. Suddenly, your aunt asks if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend yet. No, aunt, I do not.

No one to cuddle with at late hours

It's 3am, you just binge-watched a whole bunch of rom-coms on Netflix, and all you want is to be warm and cuddle up next to someone, because it's fucking cold. Unless you have a cat or a dog, it's not happening.

Photo cred – Frank M. Rafik

Eating away the loneliness

You spent the entire summer staying in shape to show off your hot bod. Now that it's winter, you indulge yourself in delicious holiday meals, and no longer make an effort to stay in shape. Bulking season without the workout. There's no one there to appreciate any of your effort anyways.

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