Toronto Man Gives A Truly Insightful Slang Lesson On Twitter

Dun kno.

The use of slang is an integral part of Toronto culture. While the city is often credited for its origins, the slang is actually direct product of West Indian heritage that has simply become adopted and modified by Torontonians over the years.


It’s difficult to have concrete definitions for the slang words because some of them may carry multiple meanings. A particular slang word may mean two completely different things in opposite regions of the GTA. That being said, people still attempt to establish “official” definitions in order to settle the debate once and for all.

One of those people is the anonymous mastermind behind @TheTorontoThug, a Twitter account dedicated to speaking brutally honest truths of living in Toronto. A few months ago, the user posted a photo set of 61 commonly used Toronto slang words and their definitions:

The tweet was a hit and garnered almost 5,000 likes and retweets altogether. However, it also received a slew of mixed reactions.

Some people were genuinely enlightened by the definitions, while others called the user out for getting a lot of the slang words wrong:

After reading some of these replies, it’s easy to see that Toronto slang is a truly complex phenomenon that will likely always be the topic of fiery debate in the city!

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