Every city has it's specific sights, sounds, tastes, and obviously smells. Toronto is no different. The city is constantly challenging our senses, in both good and bad ways. 

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Smell is a very powerful sense. Did you know that your nose can detect one trillion different scents? And Toronto has plenty of scents to choose from. Some Toronto smells bring us happy memories, while others make us want to cover our nose and never breath again. Here are a few smells that every Torontonian knows all too well:

1. The smell of Cinnabon in Union Station before the renovations.

RIP Cinnabon...now it kinda smells like Mr. Tetsu.

2. The smell of McDonalds on the corner of Queen and Spadina.

Yes, we know all McDicks have a smell, but something about that one is especially pungent.

3. The smell of Lush when you walk by the one on Queen St.

Again, all Lush stores have a very specific smell about them, but THAT one just seems to smell even more (possibly because there are no other 'mall' scents that mask it)

4. The smell of exotic food products in Chinatown.

Is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable? Who knows!

5. The lingering smell of weed and  in Kensington.

Things are little bit more laid back here.

6. The smell of street meat around Nathan Philips Square.

Kind of disgusted by it, kind of wanna eat it anyways.

7.  The smell of the TTC subway.

It's a difficult smell to explain, but the second you walk down into a subway station or stand over a subway vent, you smell it. The smell is most likely caused by break dust.

8. The smell of deep fried food at the EX.

The only time that a deep fried, sugar-covered, god-knows-what is okay to eat.

9. The smell of Lake Ontario near Lakeshore and Harbourfront.

It's not one of our favourite smells... especially on a hot summer day.

10. The smell of beer The Maddy.

Not to be confused with the smell of bad decisions.

11. The smell of the Christmas Market in the Distillery District.

The smell of spiced cider and evergreens in the Distillery automatically means the holidays are getting close.

12. The smell of hickory at Bar Chef.

Those smoked Manhattans though...

13. The 'Toronto' smell.

Whether it's good or bad, there is just a general smell to Toronto. It's the smell of coffee shops, the smell of car exhaust during rush hour, it's just the smell of the six!

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