Alright Western freshmen, you can't ignore it anymore. You're moving into rez THIS WEEKEND and you're in for the ride of your life. I'm not just talking about OWeek - this entire year is going to blow your mind and change your life forever.

I know you're nervous, I was too. But I want you to know that there is truly nothing to worry about. Everyone around you wants to make friends, and yet they are all just as anxious and scared as you are. You might feel alone, but know that you are all in this together. You all already have something in common: truly great taste when it comes to choosing a University.

I know you've been begging your friends and family for advice as to how you should live out your first year at Western. However, they just don't know what first year at Western is like. And you know who does? Western students.

So to help relieve your anxieties, I decided to recruit some of Western's finest students and alumni. I asked them "what do you want incoming Western students to know?" and I got some pretty great answers.

So without further ado, here are some words of wisdom to help you survive your first year at Western!

"Freshman 15 is a thing, freshman 30 is an even more real thing"

-Mackenzie Sinclair, Arts and Humanities Alumni, Current Masters Student

"in September it's cool to drink and party 8 nights a week, but stop it after September"


"Take advantage of the classes offered at affiliate colleges. Smaller classes mean one-on-one attention and better grades. Plus, the King's library is sweet!"

-Jonathan Bullin, 3rd year Political Science

"Call your parents"


"Play one rec sport, the thrill of trying to get a purple shirt is neat!"


"Embrace the debauchery!  You'll never be 18 again, and if you live in Saugeen you'll do 18 so well that you'll never want to go back!"

-Penny Lane, Alumni

"Doctor's notes don't always work"

-Luke Puckerin, 5th year BMOS

"Nobody cares if you're AEO"


"Go to class. Not going is a waste of money and time. Yes, you are young, but wasted time now means you will have to make it up later."

-Amanda Rose, Alumni

"Make sure you have an emergency contact that will come running"

-Naddy Soufian, 5th year Environmental Science

"DO NOT start the habit of buying your friends 12 tequila shots each time you go to the various bars on Richmond Row, you need that money for food!"


"Become friends with your Soph, they WANT to be your friend, plus they know the ins and outs of campus and have access to really good resources such as notes."

- Sara Buckingham, BMOS Alumni

"Your professors will be your greatest resource, so soak it all in and WORK harder than you could ever imagine. But never, EVER say no to dollar beers"

-Taylor Oake, FIMS Alumni

"Take advantage of the campus rec centre, it's included in your tuition and also has really fun group classes, intramurals (like inner tube water polo), and you can even rent studio space if you are a dancer!


"Introduce yourself to anyone and everyone - you're in a whole new place surrounded by strangers and you can be whoever you want to be... start by meeting as many people as possible during o week because it gets much harder and the year goes on."


"Go to Clubs Week, but DO NOT join 17 clubs, pick 1-3 that interest you and you think you could actually commit to"


"Make as many friends as you can, smile constantly and take it all in. The years go by too quick to sweat the small stuff."

-Samantha Noyek, Science and Psychology Alumni

"Participate in O-week, you have plenty of time to go to the bars later, and you only get one o week (ps. ONE LOVE is the best most beautiful event)"


"The extra $5 to go through Taboo to get into Jacks is well worth it.. every time."


"Make friends in your program so you have someone to turn to for help, but remember studying isn't a social event. Sometimes the library is more distracting than your bed/fridge"

-Arshia Delfani, Science Alumni

"Don't be afraid to try new things, that is why we are all here! Step out of your comfort zone, Western is the place to try... speaking of which, try tray-boggoning down UC hill in the winter!"

-Shannon Marks, 3rd year FIMS student

-Adam Sandler, and Michael Becker-Segal, Ivey School of Business and Arts Alumni

"University is one of the best experiences you'll have in your whole life. It's like a roller coaster, with huge up and down swings. One moment you'll be on top of the world and another you'll be down! You'll meet so many different people to help you through it all! Just keep meeting people, having fun and you'll have a wild ride!"

-Hunter Corcoran, Ivey School of Business 3rd year student

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