It’s almost like the sorting hat in Harry Potter, except you got to choose your house yourselves (double-entendre not intended). Whether you know it or not, where you chose to live around the St. George campus expresses what your sense of style and personality is like more than you know.

Photo credit: Angle Torres

If you live in The Annex…

You are a sophisticated and intelligent individual (and this is often reflected in your choice of clothing). There are plenty of museums there – namely, the Gardiner and the ROM – that probably drew you in to choose your comfy loft in The Annex, whether you’re renting a place or you live in the Trinity College residence. It’s one of the higher-end places of Toronto, and you sure knew how to pick it! Other traits are rationality and calmness, though the latter of the two gets cast into the wind when Thursday rolls around. Everyone knows that The Annex not only has the most frat houses around campus, but also throws the best parties (but no one knows why Thursday somehow became the “tradition” to party – why would anyone want to nurse a biting hangover in a 9 o’clock lecture in Convocation Hall, Friday morning?)

Photo credit: Ian Muttoo

If you live on Bay St.…

You have a classy personality and dress like a fashionista or a model – after all, Holt Renfrew and a whole street of high-end stores are right there for the taking! Every night is a potential socializing event or party night for you; you’re most likely very outgoing and nothing can stop you from making connections and living it up. Living on Bay St. or in St. Mike’s of UofT will no doubt nurture your classy and friendly characteristics.

Photo credit: Kenny Louie

If you live in The Business District (Queen)…

You are run on a schedule and organize to the maximum. Your leadership, independence, and organization skills are probably just some of the traits that led you to live in the chaos of areas near Queen St. and Spadina – not many people can stay as organized and on top of things like you can in those places, so only a select few dare live in the busy-ness just south of campus! Your residence does not exactly reflect your personality, but rather builds on your characteristics of organization, which is reflected in your choice of clothing (most likely pressed and ironed clothes on, and you’re out the door at 7:30AM sharp, am I right?)

Photo credit: loctran7811

If you live in Chinatown…

You have may seem a little frantic and disorganized at first to the untrained eye, but you definitely know how things work in Chinatown. You’ve got a very creative personality and you’re probably great at problem-solving – after all, you do have to weave your way through the crowds on a daily basis and plan detours around unexpected accidents quite frequently in Chinatown. There’s always something that will come up, but you find your way around it. And although organization isn’t necessarily one of your strongest skill, everything has its place (“organized mess,” right? I’m one of these people. We have different piles!).

Photo credit: Connie Tsang

If you live in Kensington…

You most definitely have an original and adventurous personality, and you dress down-to-earth. You’re a social butterfly, but you don’t place too much emphasis on outer looks – you’re chill about other people’s styles (no matter how outrageous they can get sometimes) and tend to base your opinion on personality instead. Kensington Market also offers a variety of cultural food and clothing among other paraphernalia, so no doubt this will satiate your thirst for adventure.

Photo credit: BillyCabic

If you commute…

It doesn’t matter where you’re commuting from; as a non-commuter - you’re definitely one of the toughest people out there. (this one doesn't really count as a "living space," but you commuters out there deserve recognition for the hell you go through daily!)  Not just anyone can wake up at ridiculously early hours, go to lectures for half a day, and return home still awake and on both feet. Kudos to you!

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