You can't depend on horoscopes for everything but each zodiac does have defining characteristics. This means we can connect each zodiac's personality to their interests and figure out the places every sign would enjoy going to.

Do they have more of an adventurous personality or are they more tamed? Should you go on a casual date or choose an upscale environment?

In order to help you resolve the common problem of not knowing where to go, here's a guide which will tell you where you should take your date in Toronto according to their zodiac:

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Capricorns love to be around people and dynamic environments, therefore you should consider going to the Distillery District during Toronto Jazz Festival,  following with a dinner at El Catrin. Try and go out on a couple of double dates as well, they'll love the extra company.


Aquarians are one of the most unique signs because they like unusual places. You can surprise them by going on a date to O.Noir. The restaurant’s concept involves dining completely in the dark, which if you ask me is a pretty atypical place to go on a date.


The fish like to be near water, that means you should take them for dinner to Eden Trattoria. This Italian restaurant overlooks the Lake Ontario and downtown Toronto. If you're feeling like being active, go for a bike ride along Lakeshore.


Aries are very energetic, thy like to dole out and are very courageous. Take them on an adventure date to Scenic Caves Nature Adventures and enjoy the variety of activities they have to offer such as crossing a suspension bridge, zip lining, a tour of caves and tree top canopying.


Taureans enjoy living a luxurious lifestyle, which means they’re interested in going somewhere extravagant. Go for dinner at The One Eighty, that is located on the 51st floor of the Manulife Centre. The restaurant offers a remarkable scenery and quality service that will without doubt impress a Taurus.

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Add some excitement to your date and take a Gemini to RinxThey like to be active and engage in fun activities when they go on dates. Rinx provides the perfect environment for a date with a Gemini because you'll entertain them by skating along with surround sound, disco ball action and cool strobe lights.


Cancers love art and home-based hobbies. Check out the Gladstone hotel for their Adult Colouring Workshop event hosted every Friday. Grab some beers and colour away together! You don't have to be a pro drawer in order to colour, therefore this activity is suitable for everyone.


Leos always look forward to different ventures. They'll get bored at dinner really quickly, therefore consider taking them to a place where they can be engaged in an exciting activity (along with alcoholic beverages.) You can grab a bite at  The Ballroom and have some fun bowling there as well.


Virgos value memorable experiences because they have a perfection-oriented worldview. Take them somewhere out of the ordinary but you must be careful because they can be very picky. Go to a concert at the Molson Amphitheatre (make sure to find out their favorite artist) or go watch a game at the ACC. 


Libras are social butterflies and are the happiest when other people are around them. They love to be the centre of attention in a fancy environment that has a lot of people. A restaurant like Nao Steakhouse would be an ideal place to take a Libra because they appreciate quality. Libras love beauty in life and actions speak louder than words for them.


Go Powered Paragliding  with a Scorpio because they have daring personalities. Their zodiac represents signs of extremes and intensity therefore you can easily impress a Scorpio by taking them on an adventurous date. If paragliding is too extreme for you, go on a dirt bike trail tour or horse back riding. 


This zodiac craves adventure and excitement like no other. Go on a Helitour around the city and take them to Toronto's hottest new restaurant Frings.  A Sagittarius will appreciate your effort and will return the lavish treatment in the long run because they are very caring for those around them.

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