Can you believe that the classic movie Mean Girls is turning 13 this year? This movie was watched at every sleepover in middle school and taught girls to either be a Regina or a Cady. Whether you love it or you hate it, you know that Mean Girls was one of the ultimate teen movies of this century.

If you wear pink on Wednesday's or think that the term "fetch" is happening then you were obsessed with this flick. We can't blame you either because who wasn't? From its witty one-liners ("You can go shave your back now, bye Jason") to crazy attractive characters (Aaron Samuels we LOVE you), Mean Girls just doesn't get old.

No matter if you're obsessed or just curious, this is what we think Mean Girls would be like if it was set in 2017. Check out these 17 changes that would for sure be in a remake of Mean Girls.

Everyone would creep Cady when she moves.

A new girl? Everyone would automatically go and check out Cady's Twitter and Facebook to learn more about her.

The Burn Book would be an online blog, not a book.

You know that the plastics would just share everyone's embarrassing stories on a blog for the world to see. 

Karen would be obsessed with McDonald's All Day Breakfast.

Sure Taco Bell is great but hash browns all day? You know Karen would be in carb heaven.

Regina would be Insta-famous.

Especially with the resurge of John Stamos' career. You know that she would definitely be an advertising hair vitamins and charcoal teeth whitening systems.

Gretchen's dad would be the inventor of scoopable cookie dough.

Toaster strudel no more, Gretchen's father would be the one to remember how much people love cookie dough. 

Regina would be a juice-cleanse loving vegan.

Not because she loves animals but because she really wants to lose 10-pounds. Butter is never a carb when you don't eat it!

Janis would work at Bath and Body Works.

And she would hate her life. Imagine Janis coming up to you asking if you wanted to by 2 for 1 candles!

Kevin G would have a YouTube channel for his rap skills.

Because no one can touch Kevin G. You know you would get lost in his sick rhymes for hours.

Regina's mom would be on The Real Housewives.

You know that with an Insta-famous daughter and fake boobs she would be on The Real Housewives. Can't you just see her meeting up with Gretchen and Karen's mothers for martini's while discussing the girls Christmas dance routine?

Damien would be Tumblr famous.

Sure the Plastics wouldn't spend time with Damien but Tumblr girls would be obsessed with his feed. You also know that Damien would spend so much time crafting up perfect memes.

Jason would ask Cady to "Netflix and chill"

As the ultimate f*ckboy, you know that Jason would ask Cady to come watch Riverdale to butter her muffin instead of asking outright.

Ms. Norbury would drive Uber for her side job.

It would be so much easier for Ms. Norbury just to drive Uber after class instead of bartending. She may not make tips but she would make more cash!

The Plastics would dance to "Mistletoe" by Justin Beiber.

Jingle Bell Rock was a classic song but these girls know how to stay on trend. Of course, the Plastics' are obsessed with the Beibs.

Cady would have to be careful in group chats.

Anyone who has two group chats knows they can be dangerous. With the Plastics in one, plus Janis and Damien in another, Cady would have to choose her words very carefully!

Janis and Kevin would never become Facebook official.

Though their love was super cute, Janis would never put her relationship status on Facebook. Even Kevin would want to show her off but Janis would never allow it.

The Plastics would dress up like Scream Queens for Halloween

Of course, these girls would take on an iconic group of ladies for Halloween and the ladies from Scream Queens would be perfect for them. Evil but fabulous? So fetch!

Karen's weather broadcast would be on Facebook Live.

Everyone would tune in for Karen's weather broadcast because it would be hilarious. No better way to start the day!

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