I knew they filmed a lot of the hit movie "Mean Girls" in Toronto. They feature U of T, Sherway Gardens and most of the driving scenes are done in the Beaches. But I had no idea that Regina George's mansion was actually in the city. I assumed it was a monster house in LA, that was used for commercials and the antics of a bored Hugh Hefner.

But I was mistaken. This 1,858-square-metre mansion has been sitting pretty on the Bridle Path the whole time. And it's for sale! 14.8mil will get you "6 1/2 bedrooms (yes, one of those is Regina's infamous bedroom), 12 bathrooms, a six-car garage, an entertainment room, spa, wine cellar and wet bar. Outside, the 8,094-square-metre gated lot has a swimming pool, a tennis court as well as a stone coach house" Nothing fancy or anything.

Check it out for yourself. 

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