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If all the red hearts, ads for flower bouquets and unusual amount of PDA on the streets hasn't given it away yet, Valentine's Day is almost here. If you're lucky enough to be madly in love with someone, this holiday is all about you and your significant other!

With Valentine's Day comes all kinds of pressure though to get them the right gift that tells them exactly how much you care about them, reservations at the perfectly romantic restaurant and extra money to spend on one or two glasses of champagne and maybe even a fancy dessert or two.

But this year, Groupon has got us all covered on the present side because they have an actual 24 karat gold-plated 'Forever Rose' that your bae will just love!

Via Groupon

It's a real rose preserved in a lacquer first and then dipped into 24 karat gold that is the perfect thing to say 'I Love You' this Valentine's Day!

But what makes this Groupon actually worth it, you ask? It only costs $31!!! The original price for this gift fit for a Queen was $102.91, that's a 69% discount!

Via Groupon

Via Groupon

This gorgeous gift comes in a purple satin gift box, and we all know that purple is the colour of Royalty! Show her how much you really care and treat her like the Princess she is with this gorgeous and thoughtful present.

But you better hurry! This ingenious Valentine's Day present is selling out quickly with over 960 bought out already.

Buy your Forever Rose HERE!

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