Ah, the 90's. There are a couple things we remember clearly; George from Radio Active's frosted spikes, Ryan Gosling before he was hot, and basically just dreaming about going to high school 24/7 because they made it look so damn cool. Unfortunately, they tricked us all real bad, because there's no such thing as a high school on a friggin' cruise ship.

1. Radio Active

Giancarlo Caltabiano (George Goodwin): Admit it, you had a weird crush on him. George was super "eccentric", had a strange obsession with his uncle, and his hair was sharp enough to pierce an apple (fact), but he pretty much was the pack leader of Radio Active, which made him all kinds of hot.

Since then, Giancarlo has gotten the yellow jizz out of his hair, starred in Fries With That? on YTV, appeared in Journey to the Centre of the Earth (2008) amongst a few other features and projects to date. According to this dude's instagram, he is pretty chill and looks like he smokes weed and plays video games. We should hang.

Vanessa Lengies (Sarah Leigh): You probably remember her as as the Morgan's annoying twat of a sister who was permanently on roller blades and had no chill whatsoever. Her sole purpose was delivering mail to the group, because budget school radio shows have very important letters coming in.

These days, she's looking totes gorge with blonde hair, had a recurring role in Glee as Sugar Motta, starred in the show Mixology, amongst many other appearances. Look for her in We Are Your Friends(2015) coming out soon with Zac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski. Get it, girl. 

Vik Sahay (Kevin Calvin): The hockey-playing babe-lusting jock who had a weird thing with the teacher. Often seen eating baguettes in the halls or forcing George to write super cringeworthy poems for him in hopes of luring his next victim. They were basically Joey and Chandler, except both stupid. 

Vik was a regular on the show Chuck, appeared in American Reunion, My Awkward Sexual Encounter, and has three feature films out this year. He was also nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award, naturally. He looks pretty much the same-- looking' snazzy in a suit and it seems he enjoys experimenting with facial hair. No word on if he's still plottin' and schemin'.

Photo Cred -YouTube / Photo Cred - IMDb

Andrew Walker (Blair Resnicky): Total Johnny Bravo and different kind of jock than Kevin. He was an arrogant dumbass and new to the school. His attitude clashed with Morgan, but that's just probably because they had the hots for each other. You didn't want to like him either, but you totally fucking did.

Andrew appeared on CSI, The Big Bang Theory, Against the Wall alongside the Big Wolf on Campus Brandon Quinn, and starred in four films this year. His latest, Psychophonia, is yet to be released. He's still a hottie, and his eyebrows kind of resemble Drake's, which is NEVER a bad thing.

Ryan Wilner (Roger Richards): The Ross Gellar of Radio Active.

Well it looks like Ross Roger got the last laugh because Ryan has a totally hot wife and some beautiful babies. He hasn't acted much since the early 2000's and it looks like he's converted to stand-up/ sketch comedy/being a full-time DILF. Catch him performing in Montreal at Just For Laughs!

Melissa Galianos (Morgan Leigh): Morgan was a total fierce basic betch. She hustled the hardest out of anyone, she got shit done, and she looked hot while doing it. Queen.

Life imitates art or whatever, because Melissa herself is a hustler. She also has not aged one day in over fifteen years. Seriously. Nowadays she has appeared in several TV movies and most recently guest starred on Being Human. She is an avid animal rights activist and vegan, which explains the show she created and hosts called La Vegan En Rose. Still witty, and kind to earthlings...gotta love her.

2. Big Wolf On Campus

Brandon Quinn (Tommy Dawkins): Popular guy who was also a part-time werewolf. He had two different love interests throughout the show (first Stacy Hanson and then Lori Baxter) but his whole turning-into-a-werewolf thing kept cock-blocking his game. Doesn't "wolfing-out" only happen on full moons? Was this really a huge problem if it happened one day a month?  Try having a period, bud.

Big surprise, he's a friggin' STUD. Since Big Wolf On Campus, Brandon's been on The O.C., Entourage, Vampire Diaries, Against The Wall, amongst many others. He's currently on the show Grimm. That chin dimple tho...

Danny Smith (Merton Dingle): Merton was Tommy's best friend, a social outcast because he was a goth (or was he a goth because he was a social outcast????), who was basically really good at reading encyclopedias and convinced Tommy he could help him with his werewolf shit, although he really wanted to be a werewolf himself. He held meetings in his parent's basement which he called his "lair", as if he wasn't weird enough already.

Danny Smith is a lot cooler than his former character. A LOT cooler. He's appeared on tons of shows and movies including the 2014 indie Slamdance flick I Put A Hit On You, and most recently, A Sunday Kind Of Love which hasn't been released yet. He was also in a rock band called The City Drive which opened for Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, Goo Goo Dolls and Hoobastank. His musical talents aren't a big surprise considering he wrote and performed the Big Wolf On Campus theme song!

Rachelle Lefevre (Stacy Hanson): Tommy's love interest in the first season and a hot ginger cheerleading captain. Rumour had it she'd been dating seniors since the 6th grade (LOL what?), and that was very intimidating for Tommy. Eventually she left for college because the actress who played her was actually leaving for college.

Rachelle has a literature degree from McGill University, and still managed to rack up a pretty long résumé. She starred in Barney's Version(2010) and had her big break starring in one of the biggest sagas to date: Twilight. She currently stars on the show Under the Dome. Can someone explain to me how it's humanly possible to look like this at 36??

3. Breaker High

Ryan Gosling (Sean Hanlon) : The self-proclaimed ladies man but real-life nerd who was best friends with Jimmy. He loved Tamira and listened empathetically as she always complained about being poor, although she lived on a cruise ship and could've just gone to any public school. He still threw her a fundraiser which got her to stay at Breaker High. Aww.

Besides mindfucking the global population on how it's possible to go from bowl cut to Sexiest Man Alive, these days Ryan needs no introduction. He's made it. Na na na, na na na, hey hey, carry me away...

Photo Cred - fanpop / Photo Cred - IMDb

Terri Conn (Ashley Dupree): This bitchhhhhhhhh. Amirite? Girl was from Georgia and was very much playing up her Southern Belle accent 24/7 for attention. Her daddy was rich and she dated Alex but also had a thing for Max. Can't blame her there.

Terri Conn is now a blonde! Hardly recognizable without her signature red locks. She's had minor appearances on 30 Rock and Law & Order, but she's had a very long run in Soap Operas. She starred on As The World Turns as Katie Peretti and on One Life To Live as Aubrey Wentworth for years. She has two daughters named Julia and Keira. Julia's birth was even chronicled on TLC's A Baby Story.

Wendi Kenya (Cassidy Cartwright): Cassidy was cool as fuck. We all wanted to be her. She couldn't choose between hottie Max and hottie Kyle, boo-fucking-hoo. Her sorta-BFF was Ashley, even though they secretly kinda hated each other and went after each others' men. She was always in workout clothes ready to throw a football around be totes chill with the guys.

Wendi had a few minor credits after Breaker High, onshows Malibu, CA and Lie To Me. Most recently she was in a 2012 flick called Hated. It appears she's also currently California's sexiest real estate agent...damn girl, Kenya get any hotter? Fun fact: Wendi was also once married to Canadian comic Harland Williams.

Rachel Wilson (Tamira Goldstein): Tamira was weird as shit, and she had a big crush on Max even though Sean was her ride-or-die. She was always complaining about being poor and ignoring the fact that she was living a permanent exotic vacation.

Rachel Wilson is super cute these days--like a mix between Rachel McAdams and Rachel Bilson. Whoaaaa. Since her Breaker High days, Rachel has acted in several films and shorts. Most notably, she starred in Republic of Doyle as Dr. Nikki Renholds. She is 38 and we're all confused.

Scott Vickaryous (Max Ballard): Max was BAE. He was always moody as fuck, but that dark and mysterious angle really worked for him. It was AWKS that his dad was the captain of the ship, which meant he basically had a chaperone while no one else in his entire high school did. He kissed poor Tamira out of spite when he saw Cassidy kissing Alex. Cool move. 

Today, he's laying low. As Max would. He's appeared on several TV shows such as TV Face and Fringe, and most recently has been doing a bunch of indie shorts. It appears he lives somewhere in the Alberta mountains and owns a pit bull.

Persia White (Denise Williams): Girl lived in a private room on a cruiseship with no parents and tons of hotties and all she cared about was studying. She was a feminist before it was trendy, and she had great hair

Persia changed her hair a lot, got a bunch of tribal tattoos, and went on to be Lynne Anne Searcy on the CW show Girlfriends, followed by a bunch of films and another long-running appearance on Vampire Diaries as Abby Bennett Wilson. She was married to Joseph Morgan aka Klaus on Vampire Diaries, and also married to Saul Williams aka Sivad on Girlfriends. Not at the same time, of course.

Photo Cred - fanpop / Proto Cred - Frazer Harrison

Tyler Labine (Jimmy Farrell): The bucket hat...the shell necklace...the cyclist shades...we loved everything about Jimmy. He was a total goof and Sean's right-hand man. Jimmy was constantly getting himself into trouble, like the time he was third-wheeling Sean and Tamira and accidentally broadcast their make-out session on the ship's radio station. He was always after the ladies but the feelings were rarely mutual.

It's good to see Tyler doing well...homeboy has been WERKIN' since Breaker High. He could've easily played Zach Galifinakis' role in The Hangover, but instead he went on to be a recurring character on a whole bunch of shows like Boston Legal, Animal Practice, The Reaper, and Deadbeat. He even starred in Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) and voiced a character in Monster's University (2013), not to mention the four feature films he has coming out by 2016.

Kyle Alisharan (Alex Pineda): Alex was sweet. Everyone was always like "wtf are you doing with Ashley, she's such a snob" and he was probably like "shhh i got bills to pay", and then proceeded to flirt with Cassidy and sneak in a kiss or two. Yeah, I know, it's kind of hard to follow. They're all friends, and they all kind of hate each other sometimes, and basically everybody makes out with everybody, got it? Well except for Jimmy. Nobody makes out with Jimmy.

Mario Lopez  Kyle shied away from show-biz in 2006, after a minor role in Snakes on a Plane. Breaker High is still his biggest TV break, but that's because he went off to Stanford University in pursuit of a degree in computer science and English. Bet you didn't see that coming.

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