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There's a lot of cool shit to do in Toronto. It's a big city full of highly motivated people, so there's no end to the cool stores, restaurants, and attractions you can check out. But certain things get lots of unwarranted attention that they really don't deserve. It happens everywhere, but here's Toronto's brand of overrated activities.

Going To The Hockey Hall Of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame is a huge Toronto landmark, and it's totally not worth how expensive it is. If you've gone once, you're probably good for at least a decade, because they rarely change their exhibits, and seem to be pretty reliant on people just going there because it exists.

Going Out In Yorkville

There is absolutely no reason to do this, unless you really hate partying alongside poor people. Why have an expensive, boring night at Hemingways, when you can get blasted at Ein Stein for a quarter of the price, and pick your own music?

Eating At Restaurant 360

I don't need to have ever eaten here to know that it's probably overrated. You'll be at a more expensive place that justifies its price by being really high up and spinning you around a little while you eat. This is just silly.

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Shopping At Yorkdale

It makes sense to go to the mall if you really need to get a new coat, or some socks. But people who regularly troll Yorkdale don't make sense. Even if you love shopping, why not try other parts of the city? Mix it up a little? Yorkdale doesn't have that big of a selection, and things are often pretty overpriced.

Skating At Nathan Phillips Square

It's nice looking, but Nathan Phillips Square is often just needlessly overcrowded. There's a ton of other really cool skating rinks in this city, and they don't get used all that much. Check some of them out.

Renting A Condo

There's a pretty huge contingent of students living in rented out condos in Toronto. It makes life a lot more expensive, and you either end up having to live really far out, or paying an arm and a leg every month. You can find perfectly fine apartments in the city that are not that expensive. Why not do that instead?

Going To Dance Cave

Sweaty crowds and shitty music, what more could you want in an unpleasant evening out?

Drinking At Bellevue Square Park

There are plenty of great parks in this city to drink at, but this is not one of them. Once you've sifted through all the discarded hypodermic needles and found a spot of muddy grass to sit on, you get to be serenaded by passing cars. On top of this, the bathrooms are always locked, and there's really not enough foliage to hide behind. Not a good time.

Going To The Ex

If you enjoy highly unstable rides and getting food poisoning, the CNE is the perfect place to spend a summer day. Otherwise, you should really just miss it.


Driving in this city is a nightmare. Between traffic and trying to find a parking spot downtown, you're better off just walking from place to place. And still people do it all the time. It's strange.

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