You've probably been hit on/hit on someone/witnessed someone being hit on at least once  on campus. You can't really blame anyone, because we're such a good looking bunch of students.

However, there's a flattering way to pick up people and there's a creepy way to pick up people. Tapping someone on the shoulder in the SLC and starting a conversation about nothing is cute. Stopping someone while walking down Victoria in the dark to use a pick up line is downright creepy.

Here are 10 cringe-worthy pick up lines that will definitely get you slapped on campus or at least make them go "what the f*ck?"

1. "Do you work at the campus pub? I'd like to Ram you in the Rye."

2. You're so hot, you turn Kerr Hall into Kerr Hell.

3. I'd rather do course intentions on RAMSS with slow wi-fi than not be with you.

4. Are you in Engineering? Do you want to build a... Romance?

5. I'd run from Sally Horsfall to Ted Rogers and back ten times just to get your number.

6. Take Me To Church... And Gould.

7. Are you in RTA? Does that mean you're okay with me filming?

8. Can I have your One Card? I want you to be my only one.

9. Wanna go not study in a study room in the library building?

10. I can make you finish faster than the elevators in the SLC.

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