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Being in your 20s is just generally awesome. You're still young, but nobody's telling you what to do anymore. What's better than that? Well, being a young'in in Toronto is even more swell, because Toronto is awesome and wants you to have fun.

Toronto's Got One Of The Best Music Scenes Around

Whether you're a music fan, or a performer, Toronto's a great place for you. Amazing acts from all over the world come here to party with us. We've also got one of the most impressive independent music scenes in Canada. Bars like Rancho Relaxo and Cameron House have been giving new Toronto bands their start for years.

Toronto Loves Weed

Let's face it. Toronto is a great city to be in if you're a stoner. There's no limit to the places you can get weed, we have two weed cafes, and you can always find someone to get ripped with.

You'll Never Run Out Of Places To Get Turnt Up

If you're a partier, Toronto's got you covered. Whether you wanna hit up Croc Rock or Sneaky Dee's Motown Night for the millionth time, or discover something new, you'll be able to find what you're looking for.

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Everyone Is Your Age

A pretty huge portion of Toronto's population are in their 20s, mostly thanks to all the universities and colleges in this city. So being in your 20s in Toronto means never being alone!

Drinking In The Park Is Such A Thing

We have parks on parks here. And when summer rolls around, you know everyone's going to be at Trinity Bellwoods getting tipsy with you.

Lots Of Cool Bars To Take Your Tinder Dates To

You're a young person, so you probably have Tinder. You're lucky you live in Toronto, or you and all your Tinder dates would have to keep going to the same boring places over and over again. In Toronto, You can hit up a new bar every day, and never run out of cool places to check out.

Street Art Is Respected

Toronto has a big, well respected street art community. If you don't believe me, walk down Graffiti Alley every once in a while.

There's Plenty Of Cheap Eats Around

There's no where better to be a broke 20-something. Between the kimchi poutine at Banh Mi Boys, the mouthwatering pizza selection at Pizzaiolo, and all the other delicious affordable food joints around, you'll never go hungry here.

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Bike Culture

Toronto's got a growing bike culture, and between that and the city's BikeShare program, getting around doesn't have to put a strain on your wallet.

Sunday Is Hangover Day

All over the city, everything slows down on Sunday, and all of your favourite bars serve a hangover brunch that'll get you back to your usual self again.

24 Hour Access

Folks in their 20s are rarely awake to see noon, but luckily, you live in a big city. So all those errands you need to get done are still totally doable at 10pm, because there's plenty of 24 hour grocery stores, pharmacies, and even cafes.

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