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Tomorrow is the dreadful highly anticipated return of Saint Valentine and his little friend, Cupid. So dumb. Regardless of whether we want to admit it or not, Saturday will be Valentine's Day and in order to soften the blow we want to make sure you get a good laugh.

So whether you have a significant other, a dreadful ex-lover or a group of equally funny and attractive friends, find someone to share the love with.

1. Romantic and intellectual.

2. In case you want to send your ex a little sometin' sometin'

3. Finish it off with an 'I love you'

4. Maybe even take that special someone to Red Lobster

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5. That left shark is so in right now.

6. Try to beat Taylor Swift's relationship record and make it 2.5.

7. How could anyone resist?

8. Fallon + Puppies = must be saved for your true love

9. Nothing like getting married just for a good story, #AmIright?

10. What could be sexier than 'The Walking Dead'?

11. Poor Leo.

12. For the grumps among us.

13. Just in case that special someone has forgotten.

14. Apparently there is no better combination.

15. Science is sexy.

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16. Puppy  Punny Love

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