18 Toronto Photographers That Want To Work With You

Toronto's Next Top Instagram Model

Toronto is home to many talented minds. From music to fashion to cinemetography, Toronto is thriving in all creative industries. A huge one right now is photography.

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One of the most popular activities among Torontonians thanks to the popularity of Instagram, is photography. Toronto has some crazy talented photographers that will in fact shoot regular people on the street as well as do photoshoots for people. If you're looking for headshots or just want some cool candids taken, hit up these 18 Toronto photographers: 

Lane Dorsey // @lanedorsey

Via the.97

Dragan Andic // @the.97

Ellana Glykis // @ellanajord

Chris Reign // @iamchrisreign

Basit Sultani // @visualslxyer

Alec Donnell Luna // @cptvibes

Wade Hudson // @wadehudson

Kariza Santos // @lifeofriza

Gerard Joseph // @gerardxjoseph

Gabrielle Hagoriles // @theriellegab

Via ndekhors

Nicole De Khors // @ndekhors 

Frank Lin // @hoeshell

Christine Cicione // @christinecicionephotography 

Blair Hamilton // @blairhamiltonphoto

Bryan Chong // @brychong

Dani Lynn Ayee // @danilynayeephoto

Tagwa Moyo // @urbanurkell

Monica Healy // @monicahealyphotography

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