Despite being considered part of the GTA, small town Georgetown is the polar opposite of a bustling city like Toronto. No matter how long you've lived in the city, you'll never forget the long stretches of rural land, occassionally broken up by cookie cutter neighbourhoods that you grew up in. It may not be as popular as its neighbours: Brampton, Milton, or Missisauga, but it will always have a special place in your heart. 

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If you grew up in Georgetown, you'll understand how Georgetown people like to stick together. You find yourself gravitating to them even if you never talked to them while you both lived there. Georgetown bonds last, even after you think you've shed your small town roots.

1. You remember the days when Nashville North was West 7.

And you went to every all ages event featuring the local emo/screamo band. 

2. You fangirled over all the local bands.

*Bonus points if you dated one of the band members.

3. The day that the Georgetown Mall (*Marketplace) got Winners and Home Sense was the biggest day of your life.

To this day it is arguably still the best store in that Mall. 

4. You’ve been kicked out of the Georgetown Mall or Tim Horton’s at least once for “loitering.”

You would then wander the streets aimlessly because there was literally no where else to go. 

5. Hanging out with friends consisted of walking to the closest Quick Pik Convenience Store.

Or 711 for a slurpee if you were from the “South.”

6. You've broken into the Old Mill at least once

It was the best spot for photoshoots. 

7. You always travelled to Erin Mills or Sherway Gardens to shop.

The Georgetown Mall clearly didn't cut it. You needed to go somewhere where you could stock up on your Hollister and Abercrombie clothing. 

8. You're thankful you're not from Acton. 

Acton or Crackton? Who knows. 

9. You either went to GDHS or CTK- the definition of frenemies.

Since they are the only two high schools in the entire town. If you don't count Gary Allen. Does anyone actually go there? 

10. You have fond memories of the locally run Georgetown Movie Theatre.

Before it was turned into a Dollarama. It was either that, or you made the trek over to Milton just to see the latest Transformer movie.

11. You've gone to at least one Georgetown Raiders game.

And you don't even like hockey. But every boy in your elementary school played at some point. 

12. You knew what bleached hair and fohawks meant. 

Hockey playoff season. 

13. You've gotten drunk at the Georgetown Fall Fair. 

As a kid you went on elementary school trips to see the animals. Totally innocent. As a teenager, it was a completely different story.

14. Going out? There are three options: Shoeless Joe's, Boston Pizza, or Nashville North

The first two may appear to be chain restaurants, but on a Friday night it's lit. 

15. The Georgeview was your hangover cure. 

It always got the job done. 

16. The MTV Video Dance at the Gellert Centre took MONTHS of outfit preparation.

It was the only place to see the kids from the other elementary schools- first impressions are important since you knew you'd be going to high school with most of them one day. 

17.  You also found your first “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” at the Gellert dance.

And all it took was one slow dance. Assuming you didn't run away back to your friends before the song was over. 

18. You're prepared to run into at least three people you know when you go to the Superstore. 

There are only so many places to grocery shop. 

19. You get excited as soon as you meet someone from Georgetown anywhere outside of Georgetown.

You most likely have at least ten mutual friends since everyone knows everyone and there's a sense of comfort in having one degree of separation from your friends. 

20. You'll never forget your small town roots. 

People who think they come from a small town have nothing on you. Georgetown is the definition of the quintessential small town and as much as you love to complain that there's nothing to do, you're secretly proud of your humble beginnings. 

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