There are many inspiring individuals in Toronto that make a difference in everyday lives with their hard work and dedication. Their passion develops into a career, which ultimately is the key to their success.

In this article, I would like to feature a list of females from Toronto that will inspire you to never give up, understand the importance of believing in yourself and following your dreams:

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1. Alexa Mazzarello // BodyThoughts

Alexa received her BA in sociology from McGill University and graduated with a masters in public health from Queen's. Her extraordinary photography skills have inspired the creation of BodyThoughts, a unique platform that challenges individuals to come in contact with the world through their bodies. Mazzarello founded the company to call attention to body image and representation of females through photography around the world to help them become comfortable within their own skin. Some of Alexa's interests include food, nutrition, yoga, travel and of course photography.

2.  Julia Hamer // St.Michael's Hospital, Neurology Research. 

Julia Hamer is a brain maestro because she's the ultimate expert when it comes to what goes on in your head. She is currently a neuroscience researcher at St.Michael's Hospital and has volunteered with the Sunnybrook Health Science Centre and the Young Women With Breast Cancer Program. Julia is also a pro athlete who competed for the Canadian Beach Volleyball Team and has continued her love for sports by opening up her own volleyball academy to train and aspire female athletes. Her passion for sports and neurology was depicted in her most recent study which revealed the long-term effects in concussed athletes and was featured in the National Post.

3. Kelsey Reidl // doTERRA International & ridesix

Kelsey is a wellness advocate & leader at doTERRA International, which supplies pure essential oils to manage your health. She inspires and guides females on a daily basis through workshops that are interested in building a natural health business. You'll see Kelsey riding around the city as she's also an indoor cycling instructor with ridesix. Her ultimate goal is to help women achieve their goals and realize that dreams can become a reality. As a business woman, nutritionist and fitness trainer Kelsey has developed multiple skills to inspire young females to achieve their goals.

Photo cred - About Me 

4. Erin Weatherbie  // Lettuce Love Cafe, Kelly's Bake Shoppe, Author.

Erin is all about girl power and strongly believes in the importance of fairness and justice towards females. She studied Women’s Rights in university, which inspired her passion for girl power and promoting equal rights for both sexes. She was brought up in a health conscious family which imprinted how important it is to take care of your health and well being. Kelly is an entrepreneur, who owns Lettuce Love Cafe and Kelly's Bake Shoppe, two very successful gluten free and vegan businesses. She aspires to make a difference in people's lives by "eating, working and loving with kindness." Kelly is also a yoga instructor and the author of a recently published cookbook called Made With Love. 

5. Rupi Kaur // Writer, Poet, Photographer. 

Rupi is the author of a recent publication called Milk And Honey. Kaur's work underlines the  issues revolving around women of colour, abusive relationships, femininity, marriage and other topics through the use of different mediums such as writing, photography, design, video photography to express her opinion. Her powerful poems will bring confidence and help anyone that is experiencing the ongoing struggles of being a women.

6. Maya Washington // Producer of Shameless Maya 

Maya is a Toronto native who is currently residing in Los Angeles. She is an inspiring  individual and creative producer that believes no individual should live in fear based on their looks, personality or lifestyle. The peak of her career began with "365 shameless days of Maya", a social experiment to help people understand, you should never be ashamed of who you are.

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