If you have a (905) number in Toronto you will feel the shame soon enough if you haven't already. The easiest way to end any conversation with a born-and-raised Torontonian is to bust out your (905) digits. City slickers can spot a (905) - er from a mile away. They can smell the farm animals, the transit anxiety and the polite nature on you.

If you are thanking the TTC driver you are most likely a (905) - er. Your number might turn any conversation from great to awkward in a matter of seconds. (905) shaming is normal in Toronto though so don't feel too bad about it -- there's someone out there just like you. Here are some of the reactions you might receive once you give out your digits:

1. Why are you still talking to me?

They might snub you after you tell them the first three digits of your phone number. Do not be alarmed -- (905) "snubbery" is the most common reaction.

Photo cred: essenzialmentevuoto

2. They'll look at you like you're from a different planet

They'll begin to look at you like you don't belong. The look says it all.

3. The conversation gets extremely awkward

You might have felt like everything was going great until you gave out your phone number -- now suddenly it's like talking to a chair. The conversation is over.

Photo cred: alienaxioms

4. They might try to make you one of them

If they haven't already left the conversation -- they might be planning to take you out shopping at their favourite 'hipster' vintage stores or urge you to get a metro pass so you don't have to ask for a transfer and be embarrassing like that.

Photo cred: alienaxioms

5.  They might even run away

As soon as they see you -- they might smell the (905) off of your 'country' clothes and run away immediately. They can't be bothered showing you where the CN Tower is.

6. They're quietly judging you

No matter what they say or do after your digits are revealed -- they are always secretly judging you.

Photo cred: zoeombie

7. They're only saving your number to be polite

Your number will sit in their phone until they lose it or decide to upgrade to the iPhone 10, but your contact name might be changed to "Hick" or "Foreigner." You'll likely never hear from this person again.

Photo cred: rustedautumn

8. They'll ask how you even ended up in Toronto

They'll ask you where you're from if they're really nice. Whether it's Newmarket, Barrie, Oakville, or Aurora -- they really don't care.

Photo cred: Jessica Lam 

9. They'll forever use your (905) digits against you

Your phone number will now be used against you in any fight. It's an insult to have a phone number beginning with these unlucky digits and everyone knows it.


Photo cred: aztecatl-me

10. One day you'll find another person with the (905) area code in Toronto and you'll become best friends!

Although having a (905) number is an embarrassment living in Toronto -- you will find others like you and bond over your loneliness. Changing your number is a big commitment and you might not be ready for that. It's time to embrace your roots and wear the 905 like a badge of honour!

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