Guess what? It is February 18th, Happy National Drink Wine Day! 

Let's not get this mixed up with March 25th, which is National Wine Day. You may ask well what the heck is the difference? Well on February 18th you should be drinking wine!

Have a glass of wine today to keep the cardiologist away! In honor of National Drink Wine Day, let us remind you why wine is the best alcoholic beverage  by listing a couple of cool facts:

1. Wine improves your sex life

 I would like to call to mind, that women who drink a glass of wine per day, delight in having sex more than women who don’t.

2. Women get drunk faster from wine

That's probably why women enjoy having fun in bed... No but seriously women get drunk faster from wine because of their water to fat fraction. Males have a lower fat percentage than females, therefore women end up getting drunk faster because their fat is incapable of soaking up any alcohol.

3. You don't suffer from Oenophobia

If you suffer from oenophobia, I sincerely feel bad for you. There are people who hate wine and "oenophobia" is the proper term for this unfortunate feeling.

4.  Know the home of your wine

Every wine is distinguished from its' regions by the color. Lighter colored wine tastes lighter and originates from cooler climates, meanwhile darker tones of wine come from warm climates.

5. Wine heals hearts and bruises

Everyone resorts to a glass of wine when they're heartbroken, however many of you may not know that if you soak a piece of bread in wine and apply it to a bruise, it will quicken the healing process.

**Fun wine fact : Prince Charles drives a wine-powered Aston Martin.**

6. It can soften your skin

Want healthy,glowing, soft skin? Drink some wine. It consists of higher anti-oxidants, which absorbs the free radicals that harm your skin.

7. There's always an occasion for wine

Birthday celebrations? Drink some wine. Steak for dinner? Along with wine. Crying a river? Have some wine.

8. There are over 1000 aromas

Smell directly associates to that part of our brain that precipitates memory, humor, and emotions.

9. Wine enhances food flavors

Meat with red wine, seafood with white. Pair your wine and food accordingly.

 10. Thank you monks

We thank the monks for preserving wine during the middle ages. Their amazing research skills had an influence on today's winemaking technology.

Happy National Drink Wine Day to you all! Go out for  a glass of wine or stay at home and split a bottle with your significant other.

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