As we're sure everyone living in Southern Ontario has noticed by now the world has turned back into an icy snow globe. This is despite the fact that it is the middle of April and we're usually getting rain at this time, not snow and ice. 

As you can imagine the sudden freeze wrecked havoc on the area. There are some people are without power right now and of course with ice comes delays on traffic accidents

Here's a look at 11 photos and videos from this weekend that show just how bad the whole thing has been.     

1.  Branches down via  

Downed branches are everywhere across the province but this one is just a complete mess.    

Like did the whole tree just fall on itself somehow? 'Cause that's what it looks like.

2. Canadian beer run

@spexontorontoembedded via  

Yes that's a guy using a dog sled to pick up his beer. Have you ever seen a more Canadian photo in your life?    

At least someone had some fun this weekend, while the rest of us were miserable. 

3.  Sad hydro poles

Just look at those downed hydro poles, they look like they gave up because it's still winter in April.  

4. Dangerous driving

This truck went THROUGH the guard rail because the roads are so icy.

Luckily no one was injured.   

5. Skating in a winter wonderland

What do you do when your ENTIRE street has become nothing but ice? Honestly it looks like a perfect ice rink, you'd be tempted to skate on it - like this Ottawa local did.  

6. Frozen

@hopkindesignembedded via  

Just look at all the ice on those trees! It's easy to start thinking that this is still February and not the middle of April. 

7. Ice Golf

@prescottgolfclubembedded via  

Canadians are made for the cold - and no one exemplified it more than these golf enthusiasts who weren't letting the weather keep them from sharpening their swing . Much respect here.   

8. Dangerous power lines 

More hydro lines down, but these looking incredibly unsafe seeing as it appears they landed basically on top of someone's car while they were driving!

9. Swing seat from hell

@syncros416embedded via  

That swing seat doesn't look at all safe for a small child. Looks more like some kind of torture device out of a horror movie. 

10/10 would not sit on.

10.  Tree meets house

@joseffazioembedded via  

If you think the weather was bad for you this weekend just be happy you didn't have a tree fall on your house like these poor people did.   

11. Look out below...

Snow and ice falling off the roof of the Rogers Centre. Luckily no one was under it but wow nature is scary sometimes.   

So if you're going outside today be careful of downed hydro lines, snow and ice falling off buildings, trees and branches crashing down. 

Not to mention the slippery sidewalks.

This would be so pretty .. if it was December 24th 🙄

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Are we sure it's really April???

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