Twenty-five years from now, twelve of Toronto's major streets will look completely different. Or at least that is the goal of a new project proposed by Toronto city planners and consultants. 

The new project is called "Great Streets" and the plan is to live up to its name. Proposed by the planning group called TOCore, this new project is aiming to revamp and beautify some of the oldest, busiest, and infamous streets of Toronto. 

The twelve Toronto streets that were included in the project proposal include Bloor, Queen, King, Jarvis, Parliament, Yonge, Front, Bayview, Queens Quay, Spadina, College-Carlton-Gerrard and University. 

So basically the biggest and most historic streets in the city. The purpose for this project is to utilize and reimagine the cityscape in a way that better accommodates the vast changes in population, traffic, and infrastructure that Toronto has seen in the most recent years of its long and complex history. 

In an effort to make better use of the city's space and help it thrive at its full potential, the project planners are proposing changes like creating new roadways to reroute traffic from scenic areas that can be used instead as community places or green spaces.

One example the group disclosed in an exclusive interview with City News was the boulevard on University Avenue. This area is made of three acres of parkland, but the green space is obstructed and divided by busy lanes of traffic. Instead, the city planners are proposing to turn half of the roadway into nearly acres of parkland that would stretch from Queen to College Streets, which would include bike lanes and a massive sidewalk for pedestrians. 

Although some groups and city officials are concerned that these changes will create more traffic, the planners behind this project think it is essential and necessary as more and more people continue to move to Toronto's core every year. 

The plans aren't set in stone and still needs city approval and funding to move forward. Planners will begin taking input and concern from citizens beginning this November, with the final plans published by the end of this year. If it begins next year, the entire Great Streets plan could be completed around 2043. 

Source: City News 

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