There was a double stabbing in Toronto, Ontario last night and here's what we know.

There were two series of stabbings last night in Toronto. Four people were stabbed, two people have died while two others remain in hospital.

Around 630 PM on Saturday, August 18th, a woman in her 30s was found by Toronto Police with life-threatening injuries. She was found in a plaza in Etobicoke with severe stab wound injuries. She was immediately taken to the hospital.

This incident occurred near Kipling Avenue and Dixon Road. She's now reportedly in stable condition.

Police were then called to another location where they found 84-year-old Elena Marcucci, who had died and was also severely injured by stab wounds.

CBC News confirmed that 31-year-old Michael Colastosti has been charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder of the incidents listed above. He's scheduled to appear in court on Sunday.

Later that evening, Toronto Police responded to another incident at 930 PM, that was only 10 KM south of the first incident according to CTV News. The second set of stabbings was reportedly unrelated to the first.  Two male victims were found with stab wounds.

It was later confirmed that one of the two men died in hospital.

Source: CTV News

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